Moto X will arrive in India and Australia, Moto Maker coming to Europe and Mexico

Mobile World Congress

More news from Motorola's Bareclona press dinner, and this time it's all about the Moto X.

The handset itself will be crossing a few new borders and is headed to India and Australia. We've no details on availability dates or pricing, but we expect things to happen relatively soon.

For folks across Europe and in Mexico, who want a custom Moto X, Moto Maker is also expanding. Starting in Q2 in both the UK and Germany, you'll be able to custom create and order a Moto X in a variety of colors, very much like U.S. customers have been able to. Hooray! We've no details on when we'll see this in Mexico just yet.

Talking about Moto Maker, the wood backs make up about 25 percent of all Moto Maker purchases. Moto feels this will continue, and has a couple of new options planned. They have no new materials to announce, but wanted us to know there will be more to offer in 2014.

One more thing — Motorola says they are investigating how they could build custom devices for the Chinese market. They want the same fulfillment times we see in the US from the Texas plant, and seem to have a good idea of how they could pull it off. Also, when talking about Motorola devices in China, it was mentioned that doing business will be much easier when Motorola is part of Lenovo. Look for an official announcement soon is our best guess.

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candrusiak says:

The exclusion of Canada is all about Olympic hockey. I'm sure of it.

Amir47 says:

I believe it. no wait nobody cares about the damn Olympics

gmaninvan says:

Someone is bitter..............

deltatux says:

and like always, Canada gets shut out. Like seriously? Even Mexico got Moto Maker before Canada? That's sad, really sad...

Amir47 says:

Befriend an American(or someone who lives stateside) and have it shipped to his house and he then ships it to you. Problem meet solution.
And anyway you guys get to drive 15 year old JDM cars in Canada, tax money goes to education instead of war, you never had George W or Obama as president, free health care, etc, etc,
I'd trade you Moto maker for ANY of those things in a heartbeat. mainly the JDM car thing.

drokssilva says:


Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

gmaninvan says:

Just went through this. They are dumb. They set up the MotoMakr site so it won't accept Canadian Credit Cards. Only retailer I have ever seen with this issue ordering online.

Oh, and they won't ship it to PO boxes or reshippers

Amir47 says:

Use friends credit Card and pay him back

JorgeGlezM says:

How is it sad that Mexico got it first? We're not that underdeveloped country you see in movies you know?

¿Tienes algún problema con México?...."Even Mexico got Moto before Canada?"... Crees tu que México es de segunda? Pareces un individuo ignorante con ese tipo de comentarios!... Escribe Carlos González

seanjenkins says:

Doesn't really seem worth it this late on. They might as well wait until the X' successor.

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A895 says:

Still at least 5-6 months before you see a Moto X successor.

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Its possible that the Moto X successor may arrive late in India too, just like this one.

spock123 says:

Sadly way way too late in Europe when we'll have GS5, Sony Z2 and HTC One-Two out way before the Moto X.

aitmanga says:

Great news for those of us in Mexico! My contract ends in three months and I was seriously considering this phone, so this almost seals the deal. I just hope that Moto Maker is available by then.

KyonCoraeL says:

*Sings* No Canada! We always get screwed over by product releases. We stand on the edge of our seats for delayed releases!

makie says:

Same here in the netherlands.. they sell it on 3 countrys around us, but still no announcement here....

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Zig261 says:

At the end of the day, you can simply drive to the neighboring country and order one from there. Easy solution.

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sequoia462 says:

Nope. You need to have it mailed to the same address as your credit card, they won't ship it otherwise or elsewhere.

Amir47 says:

false. people have different shipping addresses all the time.
I order stuff and mail it to my mother's stuff all the time

sequoia462 says:

It's Motorola's policy, not every company's. They won't sell to Canadian addressed credit cards. You're right about most companies, but not Motorola.

gmaninvan says:

I agree. I just went through this trying to get one for my girlfriend. So dumb.

KennyC78 says:

It's nice that they've finally decided to bring the Moto X together with Motomaker to Australia, but with hints of a Moto X refresh coming up, I think they're kinda late to the party. Unless the Moto X refresh is made available straight off the bat ...

Kvoth says:

It's a safe bet that it'll have a huge price mark-up over any other country, making it's sales too small to warrant bringing the successor to Aus.

Gregy Tapara says:

The article says the handset, not motomaker which is going to Europe & Mexico only, I just hope we get wood!

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Right now the indication is that just Moto X is coming to AUS, not Moto Maker.

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paulw3 says:

Does this mean that we will get the version 1 cast offs from the US?

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It means you'll be getting devices that are made and specifically compatible with the regions. Its not going to be refurbs or something...

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savdini says:

It's too bad Google sold them.. Was routing for them, now I couldn't care less

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

Amir47 says:

Well they appreciated the routing while it lasted.

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ACADM says:


This seems a bit late in the day to be launching what will almost be a year old product by then to the rest of the world.

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Good news for India. Strongly thinking about trading in my S4 for an Moto X ;)