Moto G Google Play edition

Same great phone at a budget price, with a slightly different take on software

In yet another quiet release, Google has just put up the Moto G Google Play edition for sale at $179 for the 8GB model. That mirrors the price that Motorola has been selling it directly, but this version will follow in the footsteps of other GPe devices with a slightly different software experience. The differences will likely be a bit more subtle on the Moto G considering that Motorola's current offering is barely changed from Google's take on the software.

The hardware specs seem identical to what we've seen in the current Moto G, as they should be. And although the device is unlocked and listed as being compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, it's worth mentioning that the spec sheet does not show 1700MHz (AWS) support for HSPA+ — that means T-Mobile customers in markets that have not been refarmed to 1900MHz will be sitting on EDGE with this one.

If you're looking for more storage you'll be able to option up to 16GB for $199, and both versions are listed in the Play Store as in-stock and shipping in 1-2 business days.


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Moto G Google Play edition now on sale for $179


This is awesome.. Motorola gets early access to Android code now. Updates will be much faster than 3 weeks now

It isn't supposed to matter. LG just sucks at supporting its own devices. Look at the Optimus G, did it even receive 4.2?

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But they make Nexus devices and GPe devices so they have early access to the latest Android source code

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why Google no Google Experience for the rest of the world?

More goodies available in the US only

Actually this a great. It means that Motorola can use the early access code a baseline to update their non-GPE phones(Moto X, Droids, Moto G) even faster now.

If google play editions are really supposed to be aimed at Devs, then this makes perfect sense. This phone has the potential to sell better outside the US than anyphone to date and so apps should be optimized to run on it.

Well this answers my question. Devs...

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So tempting to just play with it! Plus get my nephew a new phone.

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Ugh, this appears to be the global GSM version with no AWS. I hope this is an oversight on listing the specs. This reminds me of the the HTC One Dev edition. I'd still buy it if I was in the market for a new phone.

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No one has mentioned the benefit of an unlocked boot loader clear difference

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So, we should start flaming him to make it even, lol.

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I think it's fairly clear why their's no GPe moto X, and I'm not trying to flame you.

The entire point of the moto x is it's customized X8 computing platform that allows active notifications and voice commands with the phone unlocked. Take away the moto x assist customizations and it's just a boring and somewhat overpriced middle of the road phone.

where have you seen this? $50 seems to be the norm.
Moto is doing good and i hope they keep it up but let's not make up stuff now.

I never understood how Apple gets away with charging so much for storage. The real world manufacturing costs are so much smaller than what Apple charges.

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Because Apple.

They can because people pay it. If people refused to pay it and only bought the 16gb model then they might change their strategy.

All apple products have a huge profit.

I mean the A7 is half as powerful as the S800.

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Generally speaking, people who buy apple products don't have the slightest clue how much 16gb of flash ram costs.

I myself am an exception to this rule as I have a shiny new iPad Air , I only bought the 16gb version because of how overpriced their extra storage is.

but generally that's how they get away with, plus that fact that if you prefer iOS your going to pay whatever they ask. there is no competition like their is in the android phone market to bring extra storage prices down.

ummmm wrong. first off all all their current phones go from 16gb to 32 gb. They charge $100 more for an extra 16GB. So you are still wrong. I'd never get iproduct but let's not make stuff up guys. $100 for 8 Gb. yeah ok buddy lol

I wonder if all the Motorola software stuff they've moved to the play store would install on this GPe model.

If the next moto G has LTE, it will be a game changer.

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There is a version with LTE. It has an X not a G after it. This phone wasn't intended to have LTE whether it has stock Android or an enhanced Motofied rom.

Qualcomm has introduced the Snapdragon 410 chipset with integrated LTE. As the successor to the 400, the Moto G's chipset, we have cause to be hopeful that the next G will have LTE.

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So this looks like the International GSM Moto G.

I wonder if Motorola Assist and Motorola Camera will show up as compatible in the Play Store.

For an everyday user though, I wouldn't get one if it loses Trusted Bluetooth.

it depends on the filters that has been applied to Motorola Assist and Camera software. if Motorola has applied filters on Motorola libraries then they wont be compatible with GPE Moto G.

This feature is called user-libraries in playstore

More choice is a great thing. I'm not sure how introducing a GPE Moto G is a bad thing. For the people that are questioning it or don't like it, you're probably not the target market and you don't have to buy it.

You don't get the preinstalled moto apps, it has an unlocked boot loader, and the navigation bar on the home screen will be completely black instead of transparent. Plus you will get faster updates.

Yes, but Motorola has been notorious for making it difficult to do so, and they claimed that the warranty would be voided if done. Toys was a problem even did Dev edition phones, if I'm not mistaken

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Okay, that's what I thought. Good to know since I want the US GSM version so I can use T-Mobile. As for the warranty, I'm not too worried about losing that. :-)

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Maybe with the Moto G GPe, Google can give Motorola "early" access to Android without upsetting other GPe/Nexus makers. 

That's a great point, brother. +1

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I'm thinking its easier access to those who peruse google play store. They will see all these more expensive cellular devices $350+ and then they'll see this gem for $179 and buy it. Now we can say the Moto G and Moto X is available everywhere. Moto X GPE need not apply as it wouldn't then be a Moto X.

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The HTC One still gets some features from the Sense edition, and since Moto voice control and active display are already in the play store I don't see a reason why we couldn't have a GPE X with active display and active listening.

But with stock android and Motorola apps, that's pretty much the regular moto x anyway

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Can someone help me realize the advantage of buying this specific phone from Google, rather than Motorola? Wasn't it offered almost "stock" from moto initially? What's the difference here?

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Hopefully the updates will be delivered faster. This is pure Google Android. None of anything Motorola added is there. No trusted devices. But I think that's it in regards to anything Motorola added

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Too bad I sold my moto g I love it but I didn't need it I'm getting a note 3 in a month

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Whatever. The Moto G just has a few useful apps added to vanilla Android. I guess if this gets updates faster, then there is a reason to buy one.

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So...what's the difference between the GPE and the regular model you can buy at Best Buy?

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I don't think anyone has realized this yet, but if a regular moto g is $179 and a Google play edition moto g is $179, then that means that Google has made absolutely NO profit on just the phone hardware alone; unlike the other GPE phones, where the profit is just marginal.
This, I believe, is more a smart advertising/marketing move for Google applications and ads. IMO, this is the only logical reason, other than having a back door reason for giving another manufacturer early access to updates without any fuss.

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Okay... Us Canadians are left out and the moto G is not available on Google Play... I can live with that.

But a similar model 8GB has been selling in Canada since Black Friday for $150. The last I checked this is the price for off contract.

Third party unlock for less than $15

I don't see what's the big deal, just sayin great to be Canadian!

Just wish the moto G accessories were available here.

How can they charge more than the original handset? Seem's abit wrong to me.

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