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The new Moto G is one of the best values you can get in an Android smartphone — and it's now available for preorder on Amazon. Pricing is exactly the same as from Motorola — $199 for the 16GB mode, and $20 less for 8GB. Those prices don't come with those pesky two-year contracts, either.

This one's definitely worth taking a look at, folks. Here's how we put it recently in our full Moto G review:

Depending on your perspective, the Moto G can be seen as a ridiculously cheap phone considering its quality, or a ridiculously good phone for its price. 

The phones start shipping Dec. 6.

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Moto G up for preorder on Amazon today, ships Dec. 4


Awesome! Love taxes or shipping, and painless returns if needed.

Don't think it listed US or global model though.

Posted via Android Central App on my white Nexus 4 with StraightTalk

Important to note that this seems to be the global model, which I think might mean that it won't work as well on T-Mobile for it's 3G.

I agree. Since they're saying that it works only on AT&T and their MVNOs, that seems to imply the 'Global GSM' version rather than the 'US GSM' or 'US CDMA' versions that exist.

This time yesterday I managed to buy the 16gb moto g for £129, minus 10% discount with my wife being an employee, plus vouchers off for Christmas giveaway from again the employer,with a further discount for trebling our club card points.
Resulting in the phone costing less than £50....well done Tesco.

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I'm tempted to get one as they haven't been released here in New Zealand and no release date has been given..

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Nexus 4 not 5. I've heard the 5 is more sturdy. My 4 is a piece of glass waiting to shatter

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I have dropped my Nexus 4 numerous times with the official bumper. It has taken some really hard hits and although the bumper is in rough shape, the phone is still perfect. Maybe I am just lucky, but I haven't had any issues with durability.

This is going to make a great gift for my brother, who would like to upgrade from his Sensation, but isn't as much of a phone dork as I am.

Man I wish I was rich enough to get one of these for my wife for Christmas. We both have old LG Optimus V phones from like 3 years ago and it drives her crazy how slow it is!

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Are you joking? Even in Russia its not a big deal to earn 180$. Why are you people complaining. Or just trolling? Please your wife already

you may now quit reading my post-Post forum signature:-)

I'm a student at a university right now! All my money goes to school and rent.

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You can order the US GSM version on Motorola's website right now, free 2 day shipping, ships Monday, the US GSM variant does use the AWS band for T-Mobile 3G

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How could a retailer ship before the maker? I pre-ordered two of these on the day Moto announced and it said to start shipping on Dec 9th. Moto hasn't even charged the full price to my credit card yet. They did made a $1.50 charge though to validate the card's validity.

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