Moto G 4G

Just a few hours after the leaked Amazon listing, Motorola has officially announced the LTE-enabled version of the Moto G at its London press conference. Dubbed the Moto G 4G, the device will be available unlocked for £149 (8 GB version). In the US, the device will retail for $219.

In addition to LTE connectivity, the Moto G 4G features a microSD card slot that can be used to expand storage further. Other specs of the Moto G 4G are identical to that of the standard version of the Moto G, which means that you'll be getting a 4.5-inch 720p display, 1 GB RAM, 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 SoC, 8/16 GB internal storage, 5 MP camera, 1.3 MP front camera, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, microUSB 2.0 and a 2070 mAh battery in addition to Android 4.4 KitKat. The device will be available in black and white front colors.


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Moto G with LTE and microSD slot officially announced


Well, 4G alone makes this a great budget smartphone yet again.

Way better than the bazillion Galaxy XXX budget smartphones...

Oh, THAT phone.

Tried one while outside the US. It's just....bad.

Well, not so if you're broke, but it's not so good to me.

Its only available in the 8gb form, even tho it has sd card 8gb is still on the low side, if it was the 16gb id be on this, but on the Motorola website its 8gb only :(

I've read a different report saying that a 16GB version would be available. I wish they would offer a 32GB version. Decent phone for the price.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

? Not to sound confrontational buy people are never happy. You ask for bigger memory bank, and if not allow microsd card support. They give you that and you still want bigger memory bank.
Moto has to make money off of this phone somehow and corners had to be cut. For users who cant afford premium phones this is a great deal. I doubt those same users moto is targeting with this device would even know what having higher capacity storage is like (no offense to anyone buying phone).
I am just happy Moto listened and added the things people wanted to the moto G so now even more users can experience great android software on decent hardware at a decent price

I'd happily pay $249 for a 16gb, its not a case of wanting more for less, its about having an device that suits other peoples needs.

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How does this not do that? It has LTE and a microSD card slot, on top of the stock 8 GB of built-in storage. Keeping in mind the price of ONLY $219.

What you want is a device that suits YOUR needs, but here's the thing a great many people on this site and others don't fail to realize. YOU ALL ARE NOT THE AVERAGE CONSUMER. This device, as is, meets the needs of the average person and that's who they are targeted at.

I'm sure they've done their research and that's why they released the phone they did at the price they did. Motorola is a for profit company, that needs to be kept in mind. It's not about what "I'd happily pay", it's about what they KNOW they can make money on.

You want more storage? Get the Moto X. You don't want to pay that much? Here are your options. 1. Take what is available at the price it's available for. 2. Wait and see if they release a version with a larger built in storage capacity. 3. Start your own company and build the type of phone you want.

"What you want is a device that suits YOUR needs, but here's the thing a great many people on this site and others don't fail to realize. YOU ALL ARE NOT THE AVERAGE CONSUMER"

Exactly. Power users are often under the opinion that EVERY device needs to be designed SOLELY for power users. I bought a Surface Pro 2 because I needed/wanted full notebook capabilities in a tablet form, but I still think the little 32 gig, Atom based Dell Venue 8 Pro I bought for my wife is an awesome little tablet for her needs.

This phone is damn near perfect for pretty much everyone short of power users. Had it been available late last year, I'd have bought two instead of the N4 and N5 for myself and my wife. We were just on vacation, and on the trip home, our son's Leap Pad battery died. I had an SD card full of his cartoons in an Android TV stick, but no way to play them on our phones.

I don't care what Jerry or anyone else says, SD cards and slots are still damn handy to have. I've never had reliability issues with older phones or any other device that uses them, and since numerous current phones have bucked the trend and continued to offer them, there's clearly not insurmountable security issues.

It's pretty clear the trend away from local storage has nothing to do with reliability, performance or security and everything to do with forcing the use of cloud/streaming services. And that's fine, but it needs to be acknowledged, as opposed to trying to convince people the change is in their own best interest. It's not.

Not the place for it I know, but how's the Surface Pro 2? Been thinking of picking one up, but no one I know has one or has much of a clue about them.

Agreed though. Had this phone been available sooner, I'd have picked one up. I had the N4 until upgrading to the Moto X in February. This will definitely be picked up by me as a backup phone for emergency purposes. (Namely if I break or lose my Moto X.)

Um.... why are you so aggressive about me wanting to pay more money for 16gb? You know....16gb like they already sell....

Why some of you get so upset is beyond me

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No one is being aggressive. I am only stating what is true. That's not going to be made, your "but this is what I NEED" notwithstanding.

So again, be an adult about it. Buy what's available, quit your whining or go build your own phone that meets your needs.

But again, these phones are made with the average user in mind and the average user cares about things like price not exceeding a certain price point. You are not the average user. So stop thinking your needs and the price points you want to pay are important and should be met. They aren't.

Besides, they don't already sell a 16 GB version. What they DO sell is a 16 GB version of the Moto G that LACKS LTE and a microSD card. That's a significantly different phone and it goes for a lower price point. Trade offs must be made to keep the price low FOR THE AVERAGE USER.

I'm surprised you didn't die from the hypocrisy of saying "why some of you get upset is beyond me". The guy bitching about the 16 gig version not being available has the gall to say that. Hypocrisy I have met thee and thy name is angry english and you think the world and companies in it should cater to your needs.

You sir are an asshat, not once did I make out this was a shit device but you are on your soapbox bleating on about, I'd like a 16gb version at a higher price point and you still have not explained once what the issue is with that.

Obviously the 16gb is non LTE, we wouldn't be talking now if it was you tool.

Now you be an adult and stop your silly long winded posts, they are very tl:dr.

Making an argument out of nothing.....

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You say "you ask", when in reality everyone ask for different things. Yes some people asked for SD card support, they may be happy now, others asked for bigger memory bank, but you kinda bunch them all together and say that they are never happy. I would much rather have 32gb (or more) than to have an SD card slot. Still an SD card slot is better than not having one.

Motorola is ofc pressing the price, but don't forget they seemed to have raised it a little bit after adding LTI and SD card slot. Would be ok with that if they made a 32gb version available too.

I question your belief that Motorolas target audience does not know what it's like having more storage. I can afford a premium phone, my last one was a HTC one X with 64Gb, but with the amazing phone Moto G, that cost so little, I just don't see the point of buying a more expensive "premium" phone, (never play games). And I do think people like me is also one of Motorolas "target audience". People who used to have the best of the best, but that sees no point in it with phones like Moto G.

Anyway, I have been holding off from the Moto G for a while, but I will now buy it. Amazing phone made even better.

Why not offer a 32GB option? If they did, let the price reflect that. It would allow more options for people that would want it. Some people would say that the price increase for a 32GB option would bring you closer to the Moto X, maybe. There is a trade off.

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

I already own one. I like to have most of my system memory free for when I have udates to apps that don't support SD cards or if they update the OS. I offload as much as I can to the SD card. I currently have a 32GB card available with pictures, videos, movies, and apps/games I have 7GB available to use. I have a16GB Note 2 and only have 7.20GB available. What will be available to me once Verizon eventually pushes KitKat to me along with their BS bloat? More memory the better and I don't mind paying for it. (This is all my opinion/needs)

"How'd you get the beans above the frank?"

Thanks, really hope so. Well worth buying this to replace my moto G just for the LTE & SD slot

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A solid budget smartphone just got better. It added two things that I wished were on the original moto g. I'm so pumped that this now has micro SD support and LTE. If the price is still around $200, i'm definitely getting one!!
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If this comes to Verizon, I know what phone i'm getting next. *does the "keeping my unlimited data" dance*

Don't get happy, Verizon has the G only as prepaid right now, not on contract. You would lose the unlimited data

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The SD slot should have been there since the beginning :( waiting for "the new Moto X"!

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This would make a great tween's phone for carpooling kids. (responsible ones) not too expensive. Add it on to your T-Mobile account for 10 bucks a month... Hmmmmm.

If they release a Sprint/boost/VM version (again), my family will have at least a couple of these.

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I think it's safe to say that Google is losing the fight against MicroSD cards. With HTC and Motorola both resurrecting them in their new devices and LG rumored to be doing so, there are very few Android devices out there that don't offer expandable storage. Personally, I'm a huge fan of music, and being able to swap a 64gb SD card with tons on it so easily is awesome. This also probably means that the new Moto X (or whatever it will be called) will be my next phone if they continue to add SD cards.

I have a genuine question to ask. Do you really need all 64 gigs of music? Do you listen to all of it often enough that you need that much?

Or, like the majority of people, do you listen to literally a handful of albums or playlists over and over. In which case, there really is no need for SD cards. The average person isn't a hoarder.

You appear to not be the average person though, in which case Google doesn't appear to be losing any fight. Hell, the average person likely doesn't know about any of that. They just use what's there.

AC readers DO NOT fall under the title of "average user" though in general.

I listen to a LOT of music. I'm definitely not one to just play a few artists or albums over again and again. I discover new and old music alike and I like having all of my music with me in the event I want to listen to something. The cloud is nice and all and I do use it sometimes, but I'm often in areas where I have no coverage (I live in West Virginia), meaning local storage is a necessity. I understand that most people aren't like this, but I'm not one of those people. Currently the only OEM catering to music fans is HTC with their impressive audio quality (internal and external) and large storage (32gb and 64gb M7 variants and 32gb+MicroSD M8). That being said, the M8 is a little unwieldy and if the new Moto X introduces an SD slot and improves upon the mediocre audio quality of the original, I could see myself owning it.

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Oh and just to put things in perspective, I don't really carry my entire library with me. I have about a 150gb music library on my computer, so 64gb is really narrowing that down already. I've tried to narrow down to 32gb before, but I had to make some sacrifices I didn't want to make.

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Totally hear you. I'm in the same boat, that's why I ordered my Moto X in the 32 gig variant. I also have insane LTE coverage where I live, so streaming isn't an issue for me. Especially not since I have unlimited data.

The thing is though, I think you acknowledge it, you and me aren't the average person. For us there are other phones that make better options, we need to stop wanting OEMs to cater to us when we're the minority. Phones like the Moto E and Moto G aren't aimed at us. The Moto E especially. The Moto G is iffy, but even then I'd say it isn't. At that price point, on either of those devices, trade offs have to be made and I think you can admit that the average person only needs 8 gigs of built-in storage. Especially when they have a microSD card slot should they need to add more.

I'm definitely looking to upgrade to the X+1. If it has expandable storage or not. Love my Moto X. That said, I bought this phone, the Moto G LTE, solely because it's at a great price point and it'll just sit in my desk for use only if I ever break my Moto X or lose it somehow between now and when I upgrade to the X+1.

Like I said though, we aren't the average users. We need to all kinda get that through our heads. That's my issue on these post. The people on this site are complaining about a phone that isn't really aimed at them.

Yeah but I'm not really complaining at all. I think the Moto E and Moto G are fantastic devices and I'm glad to see that, now, they both have SD cards. I was just hoping that, because of that, it means this year's high end Moto phone will have the same.

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Apologies. I wasn't implying you were. I was kinda referring to the other people on here (and on the other Moto E/Moto G posts) who are.

I'm with you though. It's nice to see that as an option, so maybe it will come to the Moto X or whatever truly high end device they unveil or create one day. I'd definitely snap it up. Hell, I got the Moto G as a backup originally, gave that to a friend. Now I got the Moto G LTE as my backup phone as soon as it arrives. My Moto X will be the backup once I get the next version of that one.

I have about 1500 songs on my sd card(not anywhere near to what others have), when I listen to them i just press shuffle and it's like my own offline radio and when I hear new song I like I'll just add to it. I get the feeling you were probably asking why do you need that much songs on your sd card when you have services like Spotify that have millions of songs in the cloud. I use Spotify when at home and connected to wifi but when I'm out, I don't want to use up my 1.5gb month data allowance on music and I also don't want to plan what songs to cache offline before I leave the house. It's just too much hassle for. For me it doesn't get any simpler than just having all my music there and not have to worry about data usage, good signals or if I have cached a certain song or playlist.
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Okay, I get that. I'm with you, I have tons of tunes at home and I'm lucky enough to have LTE coverage in the area I live. Like full on coverage. I'd have to drive three hours in any direction to not get it with T-Mobile.

The thing is though, like me, you are not average. You have tons of tunes, I do too. I luckily have great coverage. But not everyone else does.

The thing is, the average person doesn't need a ton of storage space. That's what a lot of people seem to be overlooking in these post. None of us are the "average user". This phone and the Moto E aren't aimed at us, they're aimed at people like my mom or my lady friend or your folks and whatnot. People who want basic devices to make calls and shoot out text messages and listen to a handful of tunes on and be able to store a few hundred pics (at most). They don't need tons of space and as such they don't need a price that covers the additional storage.

For those of us who need more, there's other options.

Agreed. Most people don't need the storage. My dad is perfectly happy with his 16gb Moto G and my mom with her 16gb iPhone 5.

My post was just presenting the idea that now that Motorola and all the other OEMs seem to be ignoring Google's attack on expandable storage, Motorola might be bringing it to their high end devices. And, if they do, I'll gladly buy one.

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I think we should consider that average users probably take a ton of photos and videos(especially if you got small family members your constantly taking pictures) and they are more likely to keep everything local than up on drive or Dropbox. I think we "techies" sometimes underestimate average/normal users. I'm literally the only techie person in my family and friend(only place I get to talk about tech is online) but none are like how the tech world perceive the average person.

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If it comes to boost mobile I'll be looking at it. I currently use a Motorola G and I can't keep any music on it. I got a 16 gb sd card just sitting here ready to be filled

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Why were there no US carrier announcements? Verizon and Sprint need this phone.

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