Android 4.4.3

Not that we really need much more confirmation, but the small-type in the new Moto E promo video mentions Android 4.4.3 KitKat — which, as we know, doesn't quite officially exist yet. Unofficially, of course, it's there. And it's coming. Start at 38 seconds to see it.

For what it's worth, the Moto E units on hand at today's London event were all running Android 4.4.2.


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Android 4.4.3 teased in Moto E video


So? That doesn't necessarily mean 4.4.3. android is updated 2 times a year (not including the maintenance releases).Moto has been doing a great job keeping their devices up to date. A certain company's lower end phones (*cough* Samsung *cough*) are NEVER updated. So the Moto E will get the most recent android version, whether it be 4.4.3, 4.5, 5.0

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Well my samsung sure isn't lower end and they haven't updated it to kitkat yet. Wish I hadn't gotten it... to much $$ and then they went down right after I bought ours..grrr

The small print says, "The device will receive at least one update to the current KitKat 4.4.3 operating system". This implies it actually will ship with 4.4.3, or at least they intended it to when they made the video.

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That implies no such thing. The fine print is clarifying the "Latest Android with Guaranteed Upgrade". They are basically clarifying that they are ONLY guaranteeing that the device will make the next upgrade bump. Not to 5.0, not for two years, just one version. That's nice, and all, but why even make that crappy of a claim? Most (and I said most, not all) devices get a minor update or two before they are cast aside. People have a problem with the device no longer being updated before the standard 2 years is up.

Fortunately, since this device is so inexpensive, and doesn't require a contract, you could just buy another one when that one is deprecated. How long do you think it'll be before "the carriers" start raving about how this phone is great for kids, and you can get one for FREE!!! just by signing a shiny new contract?

It clearly does imply they at least intended it to ship with 4.4.3, the salient part to that fine print being "current KitKat 4.4.3". That reads as though 4.4.3 is the current version.

And as far as I'm concerned at this price, getting one major update is just fine, most other budget android phones don't even get released with the latest version, let alone get guaranteed a major OS update.

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It's been well covered around the web. There's been Nexus devices caught in the wild running 4.4.3 many weeks ago so it was likely an oversight not caught after Google decided 4.4.3 wasn't ready for whatever reason. Using Android's naming convention, Android #.#.X is just a maintenance release. So one major update could be something else regarding the promise (aka whatever L dessert we're assuming). Other sites seem to think it's guarenteeing 4.4.3 and that's it. Looks like a great buy for many, many people. Most of whom wouldn't visit a tech site. Too bad most Americans are fooled into subsidized plans (yes I know it makes sense for a few). Good thing for Moto it's a big world out there.

Lower end, you would be correct. I think it is stupid though, one update would be a good deal...

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Wtf is an entry level phone when u can get the latest high end phones for $50-100 or even buy one get one free deals?? This is a useless piece of junk diluting the pool. This is the fragmentation people complain about. Almost all the phones are subsidized anyway. Especially the latest and greatest. So what the hell is the use? Sure u can point out the overall price over the contract ect.. But they've been out for years and no one cares.

The money is at the service level. Every industry does that.

Hello, my American friend!

There is this funny thing in this world and that is other countries. You see, there are countries where we do not do the whole subsidized model thing, meaning we pay 600-800 euros for a flagship device when we want it.

Haha! Hello Friend,

My apologies, I did not even consider your situation. How very American of me!

But, and this is my gripe with cases, you're paying a LOT of money for a phone. Treat it like that. It's like a tablet for me. I pay several hundred USD for it and I treat it as such. And I've only purchases 2 for myself since they've been around in quantity the last handful of years. So I'd consider an outright phone purchase the same. Save up for it like you would any big ticket item. (I own a house, so I can think of a dozen items in the same price range that I would have to save up for.

Your point is still valid in that we're talking about buying the flagship phone. The time it would take me to buy a flagship refrigerator wouldn't be worth the wait. So I get it. But you also have to agree that in the US, buying anything other than the flagship phone is not worth the effort. Maybe this is a case where the rest of the world is lacking. America, where you can have a chance!

This phone could still be of use to people on a budget that will only pay $129 and be done with it and use it on a prepaid plan.

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I've heard that you guys pay a monthly fee after buying the subsidized phone. From what I can tell, the people over here won't like it that way because it's less of a fuss to just pay all 600 bucks. And besides, the monthly fee will be more expensive in the long run.

My device went through hell to send this message.

I've had those kind of posts too, sorry bud.

I get that it is more expensive overall. I have this argument with my cousin all the time. Lease vs. Buy for a car. Sure, mathematically it works out that in the long run you pay more. And any robot would tell you that to maximize efficiency. But I really believe that people don't think like robots and realize what they can afford each month. So in the long run it may have cost a little more, but you still have that flagship top end device that won't be outdated any time soon (that's 2 years in cell phone time..) for the entire time. Also, by just selling one phone (see Apple's success) you limit the fragmentation argument. Everyone has the same experience.

I guess it's a daily happiness/usability vs. financial efficiency thing. To each his own. You can tell my preference, but I can't deny anyone saving money. That's always a Good Thing.

Motorola is showing that you don't need to pay a lot of money to get a good smartphone experience. A budget phone that runs the latest Android OS is a very good thing - it means that this phone will have all of the latest and greatest Android features. Secondly - Android super phones like the LG G2/SGS5/HTC One M8 don't really run that much better than phones like the Nexus 5 or Moto G. You can save a lot of money by buying phones off contract and still get great service through AT&T and T-Mobile.

Apple does support fewer resolutions - but developers still make apps that support 320 x 480, 640 x 960, and 640 X 1136. Android phones really only have a few more resolutions - 320 x 480, 480 x 800, 480 x 854, 540 x 960, 720 x 1280, 1080 x 1900. Fragmentation really isn't much of a problem anymore - apps can be designed to run at multiple resolutions.

I don't want a phone contract - I want to buy a phone whenever I want to. I have a 32 GB Moto X that I bought for $350. If I want to buy a One Plus One for $300 and sell my Moto X for $200 I can without paying a fee per month for an upgrade program through a carrier.

Some won't buy smartphones because they can't afford a smartphone. A $129 smartphone is a lot more affordable for people in South America/Asia/Africa/Europe that have to buy a phone unlocked or people in the US that want an affordable smartphone but don't want to pay $80-100 dollars a month. Heck - you could buy this for a child instead of an iPod touch.

Hey there's the foolish American I knew would be lurking. If you get past grade school mathmatics you'll be able to understand how much more subsidized plans cost you in the long run for the same service. The prepaid plans in the U.S.A are only recently as good as they've been in the rest of the world where they don't let the carriers bend you over each month and ask you to be thankful about it.

First off, go fck yourself.

Second off, go fck your mother.

Lastly, I explained exactly what you're talking about you illiterate fck. Guess they didn't teach reading in your grade school. Go back to making your widgets robot. We use our brains here and decide what quality of life we want to have. It's up to you to decide how to spend your money here. Thankfully we have access to the latest flagship (my whole point to posting) by way of subsidizing. Of course you pay a little more for that option. What's the point in allowing you to do so?

It is a minor release so I would guess it is under the hood fixes with maybe a tweak or two you can actually see

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Probably made before whatever issues 4.4.3 is having from back when 4.4.3 was supposed to be released in April.

I saw in the promotional video that Motorola emphasizes splash resistance in this phone. Did they happen to mention what its water resistance certification (if any) is at the event today?