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We already knew the Motorola Droid was going to be popular, thanks to those November AdMob numbers and, well, common sense. But check out these numbers from Flurry Analytics: Droid application downloads on Christmas Day -- last Friday increased 93 percent over the other three Fridays this month. And of last Friday's downloads, the Droid accounted for 49 percent of them. Of course, you're far less likely to get a G1 as a gift these days, but there's certainly no denying the Droid's popularity at this point. [via GigaOm]


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Moto Droid leads Christmas app charge


The success of the Driod is not surprising, but I am surprised to see the Hero has already matched the G1 and MyTouch. Just imagine if Sprint had actually done some real advertising for it.

I am kinda interested in where the Eris falls in these numbers. Is it included in the Driod numbers or is it to low to register.

Actually the prevous poster's comment inquiring about the HTC Eris is interesting. It definitely wouldn't be included in the Droid's number but perhaps included in the Hero's number since they're both very similiar devices. Maybe that's why the Hero's number as grown.

Ugh, ok so the Apps us Droid users have tried out is huge, right. I think the problem is that we're looking for decent apps. Don't get me wrong, they're out there. The problem is that they are few and far between and quickly found.

I bet next month's stats won't be impressive unless we start hearing about some great Android apps. I'm so far, less than impressed. I'm just finding what I expected, nothing more.

Well in all reality that's the same story for all smartphone users, there's only very few gems within a pile of junk, even the iPhone suffers from the same, there are just so many "needed" apps that actually work the other 99.99% are crap and not worth the bandwidth used for the download

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