Engadget dug up some more pictures of the Black HTC Magic and it's getting a whole lot sexier under the bright lights. We're still big fans of the white version but the black version definitely holds it own. Again, this is a pre-production unit so the button layout isn't finalized but the color option (it's uber glossy) is.

Click after the jump to see more of the Black HTC Magic!

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PHug says:

the screen looks huge in that picture

[...] HTC Magic would arrive in April. Then. the super sexy black version of the HTC Magic popped up and got an eyes on. Then it was announced that Orange would bring the HTC Dream to France. And finally we can expect [...]

Great, looks awesome

Ron says:

I love the black. As long as they out any type of trim.

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aChat says:

Super Sexy Black HTC Magic This one is very much cool man.Good article.

Great work