Nexus One

It'd been a little while, and I guess we were due. So here are a few more pictures of the Nexus One, aka Google phone. And along for the ride this time is a brief video. Peep that after the break. [@djrobrob via TechCrunch]

Nexus One

 Nexus One

Nexus One

(And, yes, we see that this video was shot with an iPhone 3GS. We got over it a long time ago.)


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Some more Nexus One pics surface, along with some video


Does anybody know what the QR code links to? My guess is just, but I could be wrong.
I couldn't get barcode reader to get a lock on the image. Too small.

It looks like a great (droid) phone. I don't care about all the other hype and comparisons to iPhone or whatever. I just know that it'll be what I'm moving to if/when it comes out.

ummm yea the snap dragon processor is a big deal far quicker then any other droid phone currently out

doesnt look all that differnt than the sprint hero , screen doesnt look much bigger either ?????????? no big deal

Looks like there's some room between the battery and the back cover. May allow for a larger capacity battery without requiring a crazy looking cover.