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Verizon's HTC Droid DNA may have already been released (and reviewed), but mystery still surrounds the possibility of an international version of the phone. Earlier leaks have referred to it as the "DLX" or "Deluxe," though it's not clear whether this is the marketing name for the device or merely a codename.

In any case, the latest round of leaked shots, obtained by GSMArena, shows the brown, black and white versions of the "Deluxe" in suitably luxurious settings. As for the device itself, it's the spitting image of the American Droid DNA and Japanese J Butterfly, and we'd imagine the internal specs match up, too. So expect a quad-core Snapdragon S4 and a 1080p SuperLCD3 screen.

GSMArena's source says to expect more info on Dec. 6, which happens to be around the time the device is rumored to make its Chinese and Taiwanese debuts. As always, our fingers are crossed for a European launch to be announced alongside these territories.

More pics after the break.

Source: GSMArena

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More 'HTC Deluxe' promo shots leak


The brown one reminds me of my T-Mobile G1.

Sweeet ,!!!!!!!

It goes perfectly with the brown leather in my office.

Now for the only question that matters: Does the DLX have an SD card slot or at least 32 GB(or preferably 64 GB) of internal memory?

Spot on experiment626..

..rather surprised no mention is made to this in the article. Do we know where the memory card slot is? Is it visible in the picture?

I may well live to regret the recent purchase of my One X+. A part of my wishes this European version to be as crippled as the Droid DNA, with it's sub-par battery and lowly 16GB without SD Card support.

I wouldnt exactly call the Droid DNA crippled. I am on Day 2 of having the device and I can say as someone that was jadded after having own the Thunderbolt I am impressed. It came fully charged lasted until about 11 PM, I put it on the charger got up about 8:00 this morning and its now 5:30 and I still have 70% battery life left. I am out of town so I have been surfing the web just about all day, did a few 5 minute video chats, checked facebook countless times today sent and received emails, etc. My fears of it being just like the Thunderbolt are gone.

I don't think we can expect a bigger battery, they are not going to redesign the phone for the international launch. Most reviews, the Verge being the exception, seem to think the battery time is average for a smartphone ranking it alongside the S3 etc.
Hopefully we will get larger storage, 32Gb and/or SD-card.

I love the marketing shots.

Pearls for the classy dames.
Old style ink nibs for the distinguished gentlemen.
And a tie for the serious businessman.

It's like bad birthday cards.
Need a Nautical themed one, with a compass and a sailing ship in a bottle.

"I am very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany."

Fair enough.
A fat slot that accommodates two cards on the J.
A skinnier slot on the DNA, similar to that on the One X, which just holds the SIM.
And the Deluxe also has that skinny slot.

Ahh well. 32GB model pls then.

This phone would be bad ass IF it only had some storage. 11gb of usable storage is just shit. Download a high rez video, they suck up allot of memory. You won't have anything left, seriously this phone is crippled. The Cloud is not the answer. I need certain documents with me all the time and that requires int memory or sd card. These companies must have shit for brains, they just don't listen to their customers, we have been begging for storage and battery power for years, the only company that has listened and given us what we asked for is Samsung. The Note 2 is without a doubt the best phone in the world. It has it all, software is just over the top, every day there is something new I find, Samsung has changed completely, they are the leaders in the innovation war, they innovate, innovate and did I say innovate. I wish HTC would follow just a little of what took Samsung to the top. HTC makes the nicest looking hardware, my Nexus One was one of my favorite phones, still have it today both the T-Mobile and AT&T versions. I really wanted to buy this new HTC phone but it just didn't have what I needed and that sucks.

Please tell me it has sd card slot, or at least a 32gb internal memory, and a larger battery. would have been all over this, but verizon royally fucked this one up. Forcing cloud storage? Cant wait for google wireless service so I and millions drop Verizon. btw fuck you verizon.

As far as I'm concerned the red beats sign is just as bad as a tramp stamp on a pretty girl. Just ruins the beauty -.-

Thats the new EVO!

Only needs the kickstand and it will be just like the original EVO4G. Add a camera button and sd card slot and sprint might intise me into another year. (Crappy network and all)

Man, i would love to have this phone but there is NO WAY IN HELL i will ever go to verizon, ESPECIALLY not for a phone. And one that will take FOREVER to update to anything give that 1, its an HTC and lets face it, they just suck ass at updates, 2, its on verizon, who ALSO sucks ass at updates. HTC has some awesome things going on but seriously they are never gonna get out of the slump if they keep making their flagship devices only available on 1 carrier

can't wait to show off the white one in front of all white S3 owners

But we NEED.A.SD.CARD.SLOT pleaseeeeeee !!!

This model? No never. Its a GSM/HSPA (possibly LTE) device which is meant for the hundreds of GSM networks worldwide, if your operator does not use GSM then thats your own loss.

So this will be available in the States or no? And if not, I love HTC (and I mean really - I have a TBolt) but I am SICK of them only releasing white phones overseas or with every US carrier but Verizon (the ONE series).

Really want HTC to get a grip with this. Is it really that big of a headache to make a phone in different colors other than black??

Or maybe it's Verizon's issue....?

Right. None of which are available with Verizon. I'm wondering if the lack of a white HTC phone with Verizon is the fault of the manufacturer or the carrier.

Does anyone here know if the radios in a Japanese J Butterfly would be compatible with a UK network? Sadly HTC's decision to remove the SD card slot from the international model has forced me to consider importing to get what I want.

If it doesn't work then I wont be buying the Deluxe, I'll wait for HTC to correct their tragic mistake with this phone or I'll give my money to a different manufacturer. Furthermore, if this comes with 32GB built in it will still be only about 28GB of usable storage. That's less than my current 2 year old HTC Desire HD (with 32GB SD card).

What the hell is going on with the crippled storage on all these new phones? The sheer arrogance of moves like this remind me of Apple, and it's this kind of arrogance that always made me hate Apple...

...I've always loved your phones HTC but you're making me hate you. This was so close to being my next phone, but you ruined it for me.

I can only hope that this is an improved version of the DNA for Verizon with more memory and at least a slightly larger battery. But for the love of cute puppies, I also sure hope white doesn't end up being the only color...gross!