If you're a little bit confused on what exactly MOTOBLUR is, don't worry we've got you covered. MOTOBLUR is billed as the first and only solution to sync contacts, posts, messages, photos and much more--from sources such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Gmail, other e-mail--and deliver them to your phone. Think of it as a Super Social Network on your smartphone.

MOTOBLUR includes the use of live widgets, which will show you:

  • Happenings: View all your social site updates in one spot with the live Happenings application. Every friend feed, status update, wall post, bulletin and photo upload is automatically delivered and ready for immediate reply, any way you like.
  • Messages: Quickly scroll through the Messages application for a snapshot of current work or personal e-mails, social site messages, and texts, with the ability to respond to any message however you want no matter how it was sent: text, email, IM, and more.
  • Social Status: Blast your status right form the home screen and even save time by updating your status to one or all your social networks at once.
  • News Feeds: Keep track of your favorite news feeds, sport scores or even celebrity gossip without leaving the home screen

There's also a Universal Contact List that automatically syncs your contacts from your email clients and your social network accounts. What's cool is that when a contact changes their photo, status, or contact details it's automatically updated on your phone. And to combine it all together, when you receive a phone call from a friend, their latest profile picture and status update is shown on your phone's screen. It pretty much combines your world in social networks onto your phone.

Your data--contacts, log-in, email, and social network messages--is kept saved on a secure server through MOTOBLUR. Even if you do lose your CLIQ, you'll have the ability to pinpoint its location and remote wipe all of the data. Your MOTOBLUR account will stay relevant even in future Motorola Android phones, simply enter your account details and you won't even skip a beat.


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The sounds like how the Pre operates and in some ways how the Hero operates. I think, in time, all mobile phones will operate this way.

Sorry. This announcement didn't grab me. It just looks like Motorola is trying to encapsulate and control the latest social trends but with nothing imaginative to offer back to the community. It's still Motorola behaving like a bureaucracy, not a team player. They've been selfish for so long, they don't know how to cooperate with developers and partners. Motoblur in my opinion is WAP Decks 2.0 at best.

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