A brand new HTC One with a seriously limited edition casing

Luxury goods maker Goldgenie has made a name for itself by gold-plating all kinds of items, including a few phones along the way, and its latest item up for sale is a 24ct. gold HTC One. Coming in at the completely unnecessary price of £1895 ($2919), this is the same HTC One you know and love that has been gold-plated from head to toe in a rather stunning fashion. If you want to show off to your friends even more, Goldgenie also offers a Rose Gold-plated version and Platinum-plated version for £1995 ($3073) and £2095 ($3227), respectively.

Beyond the pretentiousness of the device, you'll also get a very nice cherry oak box with what looks to be a full array of the OEM accessories for your $3000 purchase. What a nice touch. We don't expect anyone reading this to be buying one (the order page hilariously has a "quantity" box you can fill in), but it's fun to take a look -- you can see a few more details at the source link below.

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TheTig says:

i agree

ScottJ says:

"HTC One Rocks"

Overrated bauxite rocks with annoying fanboys?

go enjoy your laggy touch-wiz and 99 cent samsung s4 calculator. good news now you can get it at any dollar store.

bumpandrun says:

+1...A lady I work with bought a S4 the other day because she is on Verizon and couldn't get a One. I'm being completely honest when I say the interface and even the touch screen feels clunky compared to my One. She admits she is disappointed when she uses my phone and has to go back to hers.

ScottJ says:

...and the "annoying fanboys" are heard from, proving my point.

It was just a joke. I have a Nexus 4 and have nothing against the One, except the attitude of those that defend it.

s2weden2000 says: r0ck

artlu629 says:

Agreed AC/DC rocks!

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Daedalus says:

I will take 6

NoNexus says:

I was gonna say something like 'let me know when they have the S4' but they are already sold out of them.

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Alex Lee4 says:

What they can gold plate plastic?

Eclectech says:

They only offered a rim treatment for the S4. The HTC One, on the other hand, is completely covered. Nice.

ScottJ says:

I got a "rim treatment" the other day in a massage parlor and I had to pay a pretty penny for it.


marisdaman says:

That was good

s2weden2000 says:

must be a ajiphoney user...

wow.... just when I thought they can't make smartphones any uglier than the HTC One.

You sir are a huge minority.

Synycalwon says:

There are more of us than you realize! We're just not very vocal about it. :-D

Synycalwon says:

Delete - duplicate

Umm the HTC One is beautiful.

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ScottJ says:

Now we know what David Bowman was looking at at the end of 2001.

dswatson83 says:

Actually considering the price of Vertu phones and considering how bad they really are, I think this would be a pretty hot phone for some rich people out there 3 grand spare change. Considering the rest of us broke people are finding $600 for the regular version, that actually is not that expensive for great tech and a bit of showoff premium casing.

Eclectech says:

Wow, that platinum version One is the business. Perhaps, I can get my sugardaddy to buy me one.

barkomatic says:

It doesn't look bad, though for that price the phone should be solid gold--not gold plated. It doesn't cost much to do gold plating--Kmart jewelry has plenty of gold plating on it.

Joel E says:

$2900?..........ppfffttttt hahahahaha!!! Why so I can enjoy it for the next 5 months that its relevant?

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ExtremeNerd says:

Gold is a solid investment. It will retain it's value better than the normal HTC One!

s2weden2000 says:


cctpitts01 says:

All I can say is WOW! Lol to rich for my blood though lol

Wow!! Now that is top class :)

A895 says:

HTC One in Platinum is super nice.

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Synycalwon says:

Wonder if it affects the signal (cell/data or Wi-Fi) at all?

On a serious note: will it blend yet? ;P

Wouldn't it make it heavier?

eahinrichsen says:

Not by much. It's only plated, not made of solid gold or platinum. If it were solid, it would be a) crazy heavy and b) way more than $2900.

Seronac says:

The One is a nice phone, but this is a tacky waste of money. Maybe it will impress your shallow friends, but, to everyone else, it just screams that you're a pompous jerk with more dollars than sense.

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Seronac says:

And the One IS beautiful, this just cheapened it.
People's priorities are really screwed up these days...

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ScottJ says:

After reading your description Crackberry Kevin put in his order for one. Of course, he had to wait until a female was around to watch him do it.

Why have we resorted to just calling people out at random?

ScottJ says:

It's not random. It may be a little too meta for you.

Well I consider myself lucky that I have no idea what the hell you are talking about.

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Seronac says:

LOL. Touché.

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ScottJ says:

Gold plate your HTC One. That way it will be even more prone to permanent dents.

someguy01234 says:

No thanks, I'll buy something more community friendly with no locked bootloader and easy to root, GPL compliant and frequent updates like the Find 5.

Stupid move HTC. Maybe this is why they are falling so far behind in the market.

Yes. HTC is gold-plating the phones themselves. And yes, HTC is falling behind even further with the newly found success of the HTC One.
Yes, yes I couldn't agree more with you.

Reading and comprehension is important for proper commenting.

Deke218 says:

Just ordered 2. Now if only I could get a Note 2 done up like this.

branant says:

I'd easily get one if it was Google Edition running stock. This way its just not worth 3k ;)

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turb0wned says:


miknxn says:

I really wouldn't mind that rose gold One!

LipGloss712 says:

I'd totally get a rose gold one if I was rich. Sigh.

MidMoMonkey says:

Do they have to disassemble it to gold plate it? That alone is probably half the cost.

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aapold says:

It comes with an app that makes the sound of a gold brick being set down every time you set it down.

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rootedVette says:

So when is Android Central running a contest for one of these?

s2weden2000 says: will wear out in YOUR sweaty hands

junior38 says:


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Gearu says:

Made from the gold sold in Cyprus' firesale.

Too bad it's just plated, you'll have rubbed through it before too long.

eahinrichsen says:

I'm going to buy a platinum one and then just put an OtterBox case on it anyway so that you 99%ers can't even see it.