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Bad news folks, this has just landed in our inbox: 

Hi Phil,

We are canceling our Monday morning event in New York due to Hurricane Sandy. We will let you know our plans as soon as we know more.

Stay safe and dry, The Android Team

So, it's off. What does this mean for any launch plans? We don't know. And it looks like Google doesn't yet either. When we know more, you guys will be the first to know. But, the priority is for people to stay safe. If you're affected by Hurricane Sandy, take care of yourselves. There'll be time for phones on the other side. 

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Froojr says:

This is stupid. Hurricane Sandy will do nothing in New York but rain. Oh no, raining outdoors during an indoor event that was supposed to be LIVESTREAMED anyway. I repeat, this cancellation is stupid.

I need official Nexus 10 info! Android 4.2 is waiting!

swapnil360 says:

It was the right thing to do. The hurricane is going to be disasterous

mwara244 says:

ty for the link

And people flying into the area on planes need to be safe much more than you need that information :)

randyw says:


Ding ding ding!

Thunder350 says:

But planes don't fly in severe weather......

I think that's what he means.... No planes... No attendees...

still1 says:

Playground is closed!

And hurricane force winds and storm surge and you know, 15 million people in the metro area that could lose power. You seem to have conveniently forgot that part.

tookie88 says:

Your self-centeredness is extremely disturbing.

bryanjfaber says:

This I why I like living in Ohio.

The Miami valley , Cincinnati area, is a good place to live we might have some bad tornadoes every great once in awhile.

mdmitchell13 says:

I went through Isaac earlier this year and saw first hand what even a small cat 1 hurricane can do... There is no way that people will be allow on the streets anyways especially if they call a curfew. Stay safe all and good luck.

qpowel1 says:

Yea, I rode out Isaac also this year. And though I typically do ride out the hurricanes when they come, despite being in southern Louisiana. This part of the country is certainly way more prepared for them than the north.

Even for a cat 1, it was very destructive. You can never underestimate the impact of these storms. It was definitely the right move to make.

Jotokun says:

Last year it was Steve's death, this year a hurricane... I think we may have the beginnings of a yearly tradition :)

$10 on next year being delayed due to ninjas holding Google employees hostage to get a free Nexus 5.

XChrisX says:

We all know this is the wrath of Jobs from beyond the grave! ;-)

ljredeye says:

Ninjas, or aliens. Remember, it's the end of the world. lol.

Aikuchi says:

Ill vote that it will be delayed next year because of WWIII.

Thunder350 says:

World ends 12/21/12 at 11:11 AM EST. There won't be a event next year.

15israellai says:

How will it end, dear prophet?

mwara244 says:

Anthropologist think they got the dates wrong 50% say the 21st, the other half say its the 23rd, they forgot to factor in seconds for all the time for leap years.

GiantJay says:

The Mayan calendar did not include leap year so therefore December 2012 was like a couple years ago.

GiantJay says:

They will move it to San Francisco next year and there will be a earthquake.

XChrisX says:

HERE I AM, ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!!! It sucks as I wanted to see what they're releasing, but I'm going to get a Note II either way!

swapnil360 says:

All the Android awesomeness can wait if it's for the safety of the people :)

swapnil360 says:

Mother Nature wants MicroSD slot in Nexus 4

kymoon says:


Channan says:


Aikuchi says:


Grahaman27 says:

if only true

badkitties says:


Chocu1a says:

best post ever

kymoon says:

This wouldn't happen if they did it in California, as they should ;-p

London would be better ;-)

BroodjeBami says:

My house would be better ;). If Google decided to do that, everyone would be welcome to come :D

It would just be an unexpected earthquake instead ;) .

Rizz1-2 says:

As opposed to an expected one? lol

mathiasjk says:


a2Squard says:

+834 :-(

rumthin says:


Aikuchi says:

Why does it have to be in New York City? Why don't they switch the venue to: Kansas City, Minneapolis, Dallas, Denver, or Portland Or, instead of canceling it?

EvanKr says:

Really, anywhere along the west coast would've worked. San Diego, LA, e Bay Area, Seattle, Vancouver, but I guess they wanted to keep it in NYC.

donniegood says:


EvanKr says:

The playground is closed.

flashpanda says:

Phoenix. This wouldn't happen if they did it in phoenix.

blz2 says:

We already know everything that will be announced thanks to all the leaks. Don't really need an event to recap it.

kymoon says:

Totally… They should do a video podcast of what they were going to say, post it, and that's it!

AliffXL says:

Looks like Microsoft invented a hurricane making machine to disrupt the event.

Aikuchi says:

Doesn't M$ have a something happening that day also?

Channan says:

On the other side of the country, completely unaffected by the hurricane, yes.

There's actually an event in NYC as well.

IceDree says:

& Italy & Germany & China as well

swyost says:

To be more accurate, Microsoft has various events scheduled that have been on the calendar for months. Google decided much later to schedule their event on the same day obviously in an effort to conflict with the Microsoft launch day. The rest of the world, outside of sites like this, had viewed it as arrogant and bad form. I am glad they cancelled the event due to safety concerns since it is the right thing to do. Even with that under consideration, I'll start to consider Google products and services again when they decide to act like a grown up business....

wendemi says:

What the h...!!!!

mazzmoney95 says:

Being that I lived in NYC for 17 years (I'm 17) This is the like the first real hurricane watch we had. Others just left rain and hit others hard. Besides the rare blizzards, we dont get many natural disasters. I'm very sad that Google canceled the event too, although missing school might help me get over it :p

TauSigmaNova says:

Yeah, same here. Lived in Brooklyn my whole life and nothing until this whore.

Thanks a lot, Murphy.
Thanks a lot, slutty Sandy.
Screw that, missing school wouldn't make up for shit! hell, I could check on the event in school if I really wanted to do so.

God damn it, it couldn't be last year? next year? No? No. Slutty Sandy picked to be the bitchiest hurricane of the year, and on this weekend of all of them.

mazzmoney95 says:

I live in Brooklyn too. And yeah, while no school wont make up for the events cancellation, I'd hate for the hurricane to be small, and the event getting cancelled for nothing.

TauSigmaNova says:

Yeah, same here. Lived in Brooklyn my whole life and nothing until this whore.

Thanks a lot, Murphy.
Thanks a lot, slutty Sandy.
Screw that, missing school wouldn't make up for shit! hell, I could check on the event in school if I really wanted to do so.

God damn it, it couldn't be last year? next year? No? No. Slutty Sandy picked to be the bitchiest hurricane of the year, and on this weekend of all of them.

TauSigmaNova says:

Yeah, same here. Lived in Brooklyn my whole life and nothing until this whore.

Thanks a lot, Murphy.
Thanks a lot, slutty Sandy.
Screw that, missing school wouldn't make up for shit! hell, I could check on the event in school if I really wanted to do so.

God damn it, it couldn't be last year? next year? No? No. Slutty Sandy picked to be the bitchiest hurricane of the year, and on this weekend of all of them.

droid83 says:

I wanted to buy a nexus 7 on launch day. Hope I still can. Why not do the launch online (youtube live). After all Google is a tech company. There's way around this slut Sandy. Make it happen. Was hoping and still hope to walk out of staples Monday with a nexus 7 in hand

SamTime says:

Stupid hurricanes always putting a damper on things...

cozzy123 says:

sigh, knew this would happen

turb0wned says:

Even hurricane Sandy thinks the LG Nexus is fugly!

Channan says:

Sandy loved the Nexus 4's design so much, she had to make it to the event on Monday morning. It's gonna suck when she finds out it was canceled.

blessedred says:

Not funny considering it's beautiful you must be bind sir..

OffSpot2 says:

Stay safe everyone. Google should still be around next week.

For those that constantly walk and text at the same time.
Stop and just look up at the sky for once...

A good excuse to generate more interest and anticipation.

I'd tend to agree if seemingly all of the hardware hadn't already been leaked :P .

MrJazz says:

Glad you're not traveling in this crap, Phil.

Suntan says:

Eff'in Mother Nature...

I've got this finger hovering above the "pre-order" key for the Nexus 10 and she's screwing it up.


levelm says:

I wonder if the T-Mobile event is still on?

mech1164 says:

Every one stay safe it will all be here later.

Small_law says:

reidoreilly says:

you mean whats going to be Tropical Storm Sandy? Yea, its not going to be a hurricane or the apocalypse like they pretend like every weather event that occurs on the east coast is. If anywhere on the east coast gets 12 inches of snow its all over the news for a week as if its the end of the world. Its going to be a regular heavy storm that happens all over the country all the time, but since its on the east coast its the end of the world.

Like I said its going to be a tropical storm, that's 35-55mph winds, but noooooo its the end of the world!!!

kj11 says:

So tropical storms are everyday storms that happen all over the country everyday? Tropical storm force winds, at a minimum, will be sustained for quite some time, with higher gusts probable. Downed trees and power lines are likely. This isn't your everyday storm pal. Grow up.

mdmitchell13 says:

You sir have no idea what it's like for sustained winds at that speed for hours and all the tornadoes which will spin off the feeder bands. This my friend is not a normal storm

kj11 says:

Good call on this, brainiac.

bassdelux15 says:

Its a shame. I live in Philly, so i have no idea how bad this hurricane is gonna affect my city. Thoughts to all my fellow east coast people!

piizzadude says:

Well if the computer models are right, we will see how 3 mile island holds up. I am hoping pretty well since I am within a few miles

jerrod6 says:

I am disappointed that the event was canceled but I don't understand some of the comments that have been posted.

I live in Philly and right now the forecast is for the storm to make landfall someplace between central NJ and Delaware. We are being told to expect tropical storm and hurricane force winds from Sunday night through Wednesday morning. Wind swept rain that could total 10 inches.

With storm surge parts of NY city may be flooded. They may close the subway system. Try walking around or driving in 50+ mile an hour winds. You can be sure all of the air ports on the east coast will be closed so we would be having a Google event WITHOUT Goggle execs from california or people from anywhere else.

I want to hear about Android 4.2 and the new hardware but it doesn't make sense to take this risk.

This must be the work of Apple's secret weapon, iCloud.

NoSpin says:

Maybe now Google will have some time to crank out the 32GB version of the Nexus 4.....

impulse101 says:

The hurricane is coming straight for us in ny, we are going to be the worst hit, its not just rain

sendtodb says:

Wondering if they will still allow the sale of Nexus 7 32GB on Monday. Retailers were told to wait until Monday to sell 'em, NOT to wait until it coincided with the 'event'... right? May be too late to let all the stores know! Maybe if I get into a store at opening time... before they get a chance to read their email :-)

I wonder if my Chromebook will still be delivered? Lol. Hurricanes. Have em here in Florida all the time. Good luck.

icu says:

The one thing we didn't know already was that it wasn't going to happen.

davidnc says:

hurricane changed course slightly on the guess of the path now takes it south of NYC into pa

GQ50 says:

Damn you Sandy!! Just like a woman to spoil a mans my lady on here?

LOL! That comment just made my day!!

OffSpot2 says:

Headlines: Google announcment creates hurricane. It fits...

ghuleclinic says:

Nexus between google and hurricane

I think the real reason Google canceled is because no one RSVP'd, Hurricane Sandy is just an excuse.

larrygeary says:

I think the event will be delayed for two weeks. It will take at least a week to recover if the storm is as bad as predicted. The following week is the US Presidential election, so any news Google announces on that Monday will be lost in the flood of political news the following day. The following Monday will be better, and it gives people time to make new travel plans.

vansmack says:

Maybe now we can just keep events in California where they belong.

ChromeJob says:

[edited for sensitivity and humanity, and so I don't come off like a ignorant douchebag][1]

Okay... why? Just make it a massive Google+ Hangout. You can't get better Google+ advertising than that.

Oh. Wait. They'd have to have stress tested that. ,:|

Sure it's cautious and safe to postpone it, but seriously, wouldn't it be neat to say, instead of "The Playground is open," ... "Storm's coming. Android 4.2."

For me, I'll be refreshing my Play.Google.Com and other retail pages throughout the day. Just because they cancelled the event, DOESN'T mean retailers are necessarily restricted from taking orders.

[1] ... After reading Phil's editorial, in which he specifies the event was scheduled for an expected flood zone in NYC. /me remembers the flooding the last hurricane/tropical depression left behind in the city.

What good is a corporate announcement on new products and services if the stock market is closed today? -_____________________-