It's time to hit the ground running here at CES 2012 and no matter what platform you're into we've got our whole Mobile Nations team here to cover every nook and cranny of the CES 2012 showroom floor.

WPCentral will be represented by Daniel Rubino (@malatesta77) while iMore will be represented by Rene Ritchie (@reneritchie) and his team, Leanna Lofte (@llofte) and Ally Kazmucha (@imuggle). Phil Nickinson (@philnickinson) and the Android Central army will cover all things Android and Kevin Michaluk (@crackberrykevin), Adam Zeis (@azeis) and the crew (@isaackendall, @kasperapd, @CrackBerryJoe, @scaperfan, and @cbkerri) have a lock on all things BlackBerry.

Derek Kessler (@dkdsgn) and webOS Nation will be on site as well as cross-site collaborator Jared DiPane (@jdipane) and our brand new editor-at-very-large, Simon Sage (@simonsage) to pick up whatever tidbits of technological goodness they can find.


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Monday Brief: January 9, 2012 - CES!


Hey Phil while your there.... Two favors please... Find the Sprint galaxy nexus and please find me an Android powered head unit for my car!!!!! I still can't believe they don't have any Android head units!!!

So that's the Mobile Nation! Work hard and play well while everyone is in Las Vegas. I also want to hear about playbook news, I like the hardware and hope Android apps can play on it. Ashley, I think taped interviews and on site videos would be nice additions to your Monday Briefs. Gives you a chance to play well with others!
My friend Taryn dances at Jubilee show, old style Vegas show (shameless plug)!

I've seen a video like this before...4 creepy guys...1 hot girl...can't remember the site though....Redsomething...somethingTube....hmmm.