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as cool as the galaxy nexus is, that lack of 4 buttons at the bottom and lack of trackpad make me cringe. I love the optical trackpad on my Dinc for text editing, its a life saver. I guess ill just wait and see what else is coming down the pipes...

moosc says:

There are mods that can bring tge four buttond back and even rearrange them.

orlanka says:

The trackpad is the only thing I miss from my Dinc, however, the speech to text on the Nexus is leaps and bounds ahead of what I am used to and I find there is less need to edit. That said, the bigger screen lets me edit a lot easier then the smaller screen of the Dinc.

I locked my Dinc away for now. I can't have it out, staring at me like I've been caught cheating. I will miss it, but the Nexus is a nice upgrade.

jackinit says:

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