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krstphr says:

Is it just me, or is Ashley doubled up in that YouTube thumbnail? Check out the right arm. Weird!

opjones says:

I see two of something

jackinit says:

Come on Ashley, you know we watch this for you big boobs and cleavage. That shirt is really disappointing!

petestl says:

Dude - did you watch the whole video? be a Blackberry playbook....

jackinit says:

Ok, I did wish I was that Playbook.... Still, the shirt is terrible.

leerage says:

I really like these videos. Good run down on whats all going on. One suggestion would be maybe to have a bikini special edition episode? :D

wpavlik2 says:

Great job again, Ashley!
(I think you looked nice today, by the way)


Boring. This is the last one I'm going to watch.

BBooDad says:

Nice new shirt, but there's just something different about it...

Still nice to hear a synopsis of what is going on, by a smart and cute woman, even without the cleavage!