Latest installment teased ahead of annual games show, more FPS action with incredible looking graphics

Gameloft is heading to E3 next week with their big guns in tow, and the release of this trailer tells us one game we will be seeing. What we see here is the first teaser for new title Modern Combat 5, and it looks pretty incredible. The trailer shows the action tearing up Venice, Italy, with some pretty awesome looking visuals. There's very little else to go on, though we do know it will be coming to Android. As for when, and how much, maybe we'll find out more next week from E3. Mobile Nations will have a team on the ground in Los Angeles, so stay tuned!

Source: Gameloft (YouTube)

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Fredy N says:

I wonder if it will be like 3GBs of data.

looks amazing... multiplayer in mc4 was the best... hope they don't change that too much...

torch19 says:

Stoked! Love this game.

Kedar says:

I swear if this is Pay to Play................

Otherwise look forward to playing it on my S4. :)

erda0 says:

can't wait....

Hope it will work on my now 2 smooth.

erda0 says:

Note 2*

StinkySocky says:

Totally psyched, hope I have enough storage.

neonworm says:

I wonder what kind of device you would have to have to run this?