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Gameloft has just kicked off a Labor Day sale featuring Modern Combat 3, Gangstar Rio, and NOVA 3. These are some of their biggest titles, and they're available for a buck each in Google Play. Sure, they're "homages" to Call of Duty, Saint's Row, and Halo, respectively, but they're all extremely well polished and the closest you'll see to those franchises finding a home on Android. 

I've personally put a fair bit of time into Modern Combat 3, and found the accelerometer controls to be really precise once you got used to it. I wasn't a huge fan of NOVA 3, though I never got into Halo either. Any Gangstar Rio players out there? What's your top pick out of these three games?

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Shiftastic says:

Max Payne is also $.99 right now.

shahravi94 says:

too bad half of em don't work on tegra 3

p2cactus says:

Would be nice if it was compatible with evo LTE. That version is still $5 and only available through Gameloft.

Sent my Evo LTE phone # over to Gameloft and they couldn't even detect the device. I don't see any quality Gameloft game that is Evo LTE compatible.

I rooted my evo and changed the buildprop to show that I have a galaxy nexus so that more games are compatible. Works great.

Jezz_X says:

Asphalt 7: Heat is 0.99 as well

Incubus123 says:

It's always been that cheap.

ncc1701p says:

Nothing compared to last years sale. I remember I snagged a few utils which I still use today, but this years offerings seems week in comparison. The FF Crystal Defenders was the only thing that caught my eye.

Unibrow says:

Modern combat is not worth the price of entry, glad I didn't find out $7 later

GalaxyNole says:

Weird, I can't find Gangstar Rio in the play store app, I see it on webpage though.

Nigandnog says:

Means it's not compatible with your said device I believe

GalaxyNole says:

That's weird I have a GS3, you'd think that phone would be compatible with all apps.