Fira Barcelona

We're winding down here in Barcelona, as the major announcements draw to a close and we finish up our hands-on coverage of the new devices at Mobile World Congress. In our final MWC podcast, we discuss TouchWiz on a TV, the difference between a Fonepad and a Padfone, and whether a Photosphere is really a Photosphere if no-one's around to see it fall.


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Mobile Nations at MWC 2013: Day two podcast


How about the podcast that's going to take place on the evening of March 14th, how bout THAT podcast?!?!?

S4, S4, S4,. . .S4!*!*!*!*!

To be honest, apart from the FonePadFone... not a lot in Barcelona this year.
Maybe the fact that Firefox has actually managed to convince a few companies to make phones with their stuff.