Minuum keyboard on Moto 360

Minuum is bending their unique swiping keyboard to fit it onto the circular Moto 360 smartwatch. The half-moon keyboard, which rims the face of the watch with three rows of letters, is the first implementation of a keyboard we've seen on the Moto 360.

Minuum hasn't been shy about cramming their keyboard into all sorts of places, including the Omate TrueSmart and Galaxy Gear smartwatches, and even Google Glass.

That said, we do kind of have to question the efficacy of a keyboard right along a circular edge like that of the Moto 360. Though we don't blame Minuum for developing their keyboard into a circular form — the Moto 360 is sure to be among the most popular Android Wear smartwatches. It's an interesting implementation, and certainly a case of thinking outside the box.

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Minuum keyboard headed to Moto 360


Well I see one problem already. The REAL Moto 360 has a bit of unusable space towards the bottom. This can be seen if they use the emulator, or if you look at the watch faces as part of the design challenge that ended recently. I cant speculate why but its there. Maybe this is a challenge they can work around, but I guess we will have to wait a couple of days to see if android wear even supports these type of apps.

Very interesting, though I hope it comes with custom shortcuts to simple replies like Pebble, too.

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Take my fucking money and release the damn watch already Moto.

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Here here.

My birthday's early next month and I can't be getting the LG. It needs to be round!!!!!!

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Dunno about practicality myself. Quicker to pull out phone, unlock on type on a 5" screen?

Great use of the word 'efficacy' by the way. Nice.

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Well is you get a text saying meet me in 5 you can quicky reply "ok" faster than taking out the phone.

But... how? I thought that, by design, Android Wear wasn't much more than an extended notification tray. How can a keyboard work? Where is the input going?

Could work as an applet. They have this for the Gear.

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Yes, but I was under the impression that Android Wear is completely unlike the Gear, in that it doesn't have apps of its own, but only manages notifications from apps on a paired device.

It will have apps, its just that the only way you will be able to interact with the apps is by voice, or touch (Imagine pressing an up button to increase the temp of your thermostat).

Both are correct observations. Android Wear has the ability to both "mirror" and act on the notifications on a paired device, and to run full apps designed for it.

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Damn it I'm paying $500 for the moto 360 if I have to

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This option is in there I'm assuming. Not all the time voice works or an environment to talk or pull phone. I like the idea. VtT is the most logical but it like Android is nice to have options

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That's ridiculous. A Bluetooth keyboard would be much more comfortable.

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I can't hardly wait for the 360 to finally launch and I'm honestly pretty excited over for the potential tech / design quality of this device. However - if I'm being honest - the seemingly never ending build-up to an actual product that someone can purchase is getting a little old. Hoping for some good news during this years i/O event.

Look can we get a press conference for this watch with an official price and specs I want this thing bad

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I think I'm inclined to force myself to wait for significant hardware and software enhancements with version 2 next year as, for example, with Google glass and the initial Android phone. Early adopters pay a price for their appetite.