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Licensing deal could open up the flood gates to Microsoft titles on other mobile platforms

We could start seeing some of Microsoft's own Xbox and Windows gaming titles come over to Android as soon as this fiscal year if rumors are to be believed. According to sources of Reuters, Microsoft is currently working on a licensing deal with Japanese developer Klab to bring its first-party games to Android (and iOS). The only details known right now are that Microsoft's "Age of the Empires" will be a free-to-play game available as part of the cross-platform expansion and that other titles will come as well.

Details are a bit sparse, but the intent seems pretty clear as Microsoft works on its multi-platform strategy. Microsoft has an opportunity for some serious sales on its hands if it decides to open up more recent and popular games, regardless of what it will do to its own Windows Phone market share.

Source: Reuters


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Microsoft reportedly plans to bring Xbox game titles to Android


think were all hoping for the day nintendo pulls a SEGA and stops making consoles and starts putting mario and zelda on ps/xbox :D

I would be... : /
LOVE first party Nintendo games.
Really couldn't care less about their hardware.

So, how many rings of death have you had? None since my slim 360, but it was "regular maintanence" prior to that lol. I just can't get on-board the One. I don't even own a tinfoil hat and it rubs me the wrong way. We'll see after it's released.

Agreed. Google and PlayStation needs to come together to work out a deal to bring PSM games to the Nexus line.

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Nope. I could hack WebOS onto a Nexus, but that doesn't mean its really available.
When it's available on Play for most devices running the latest OS, that's when it (PlayStation games) will actually be available on Android.

There are plenty of apps that don't run on various Nexus devices. That's not a benchmark for whether or not it's actually an Android app.

Nintendo won't, until they're starving for profits and are forced to rely on the IP for income (like how Sega did/does with Sonic).

I would probably play a pokemon game if it came to android lol. I haven't played one in 10+ years, but they were pretty addicting.

Pokemon stadium would be awesome, with the original pokemon though. None of that new shit.

I'm talkin' squirtle, bulbasaur, charmander, pikachu. The OG's.

Have you ever tried an emulator? I play Pokemon all the time on my tablet:)

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This is where gaming needs to head. The talk on TM13 was a bit about just such things. Cross and multiple platforms.

I am now wondering if you can just login to your account and the same titles that you purchased on the Windows Phone Market will be on your Android?? Not that I can't re-purchase them but would rather just be able to load the a few of the 30 plus titles I bought over the years on my Windows 7 and Windows 8 phone.... :)

Would be cool if Microsoft opened up the Windows phone (in a secure way) to other storefronts.
That way we could see Valve's Steam store on Android and Windows Phone.
Then all you'd need to do was register your software key to possibly access other platforms.

"what it will do to its own Windows Phone market share"

4.9% will decrease to 4.7%? Wow investors are surely gonna sell all their stock the next day.

This is why Nintendo will never again eclipse Microsoft in terms of gaming foothold.
If Nintendo offered their Mario series on other platforms, they would INSTANTLY be huge again, but it will take their death to see them go cross-platform (kinda like Sega with Sonic).

So does this mean our front facing cameras need to notice us and we need to pay a yearly fee to play these games? (Sarcasm)

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This would be huge. It would be nice to see Microsoft focusing on making more money from software sales again. :)

I hear more and more of partnership between MS and Android. This sucks since I heartfully hate all XBox since its beginning.

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All well and good, but if I don't see an Xbox music app soon, I'm canceling my subscription. In already signed up I for Google music unlimited, but I still think Xbox music is better.

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