Like a puppy

We're not sure it's news every time one OS manufacturer pokes fun at another, but here we go again anyway. During a panel on netbooks (attended and reported by LaptopMag's Mark Spoonauer) at CES, Microsoft GM of consumer products James DeBragga took a swipe at Android after it was lauded as being versatile and free. DeBragga sort of agreed, calling it "free like a puppy" in that it's cute at first but has to be trained and can be a hassle. And, yes, pee on your rug. (It really tied the room together.)

Now there may be some truth to that (erm, not the rug part), and DeBragga's point was that an open and free platform like Android doesn't have the proper muscle behind it for a proper support infastructure and is "leashed" to the Android Market. That's certainly a concern, and we're seeing results of Android's relative immaturity in the recent Nexus One launch. But we'd argue that it's not that Android (and Google) doesn't have the capability of proper support, it's just that the organization appears muddied at the moment.

Either way: It's a cute line, but probably one that has more bark than bite.


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Microsoft rep: Android "is free like a puppy"


If Android is free like a puppy, than Microsoft is like an old incontinent dog, it has no bowel control, pees, poops and pukes everywhere until it finally keels over and dies an smelly rotting bloated death.

"it's not that Android (and Google) doesn't have the capability of proper support"

It does? Great! Where's the nearest Google Store for when my N1 (my only phone or source for Internet) quits working and I need help?

Or how about a phone number for Google N1 Support? If it's an 800 number, I can at least call them from my work phone.

Free is better then a ripoff OS that is update every 2 years or so that you need to pay for each time like $200ish.

Those who are looking for a Google Store can find it right next to the Microsoft Store in every major city! The same place you can find Microsoft's 1-800 never-never land. So, Google does not have a store, but they have pride of ownership which is more than those folks at Microsoft have, in my opinion anyway.

Loved the counter-insult that Microsoft was like an old incontinent dog! (What writing and what humor!)

I know the Android OS is free, but any one know how much it cost an OEM or carrier to install the Google apps on Android phones? I understand those are not free.

Android is a puppy, that with a little guidance can become man's best friend.

Windows Mobile is a cat. You can try and tell it what to do, but let's face it, it's going to do what it wants, and maybe, if you beg enough, will eventually do what you want it to.

Are we even sure that windows mobile still exists?

Yeah, it's like a puppy. It pees on the rug sometimes. But at least it doesn't tear off my arm or maul the neighbors, like that other phone OS :-)

so wait... the company that writes piss poor software, and uses its paying customers as beta testers, wants to say that someone else doesn't have the needed support structure?

I guess they never stopped to consider, if you write a piece of software that works as advertised, that you actually don't need an excessive amount of Indian's with heavy accents to support it.