Microsoft OneDrive

Following up on a much heavier update that added encryption support, Microsoft has updated OneDrive with some new interface elements that make navigating the app easier. A new slide-in navigation drawer on the left side of the app gives you access to different folders and accounts, a dedicated search button lets you find files easily and pull-to-refresh lets you manually grab new files from the cloud.

What's new in version 2.6.1 (for Android 4.0+):

  • New navigation drawer for switching between pivots
  • Search for your files and folders
  • Pull to refresh

You can grab an update or download of the latest version from the Play Store link at the top of this post.


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Microsoft OneDrive updated with pull-to-refresh, new navigation drawer


Me too. It's a habit since I've been using Sky Drive since day one.

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It was something else before it was Skydrive (Live Mesh or whatever), I have the free 25GB to prove it!

My biggest problem with the OneDrive app was that when I went to email something from the app via the HTC stock email program, the attachment icon would show up in the email, but I would get an error that said "Some Attachments Lost", or something like that. No such problem with Google Drive App. So I switched.

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hmmm I just tried that with my moto x one drive worked perfectly fine on pics and .zip and .rar files what kind of file were you sending?

No it's not. On WP it's deeply integrated into the system. On Android it's just another app.

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I don't think you can actually. You sound add the account in the account settings in Android settings, not the app itself but at least on my M8 only one account is supported. You can't add a second one.

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