Android app gets camera backups in the process

A quick heads up for anyone using Microsoft's brand of cloud storage, that today sees the big switch over to OneDrive. The Android app has been updated to reflect the new name and add camera backups, and you can now earn free space in a Dropbox style fashion by referring folks to boost your own GBs.

The big name change came about following legal action involving UK TV broadcaster BSkyB, and so Microsoft has been forced to remove the reference to sky from it's cloud locker. There's a bunch of other stuff included in the big changeover that affects folks on other platforms, and our buddies over at Windows Phone Central have the handle on what's going down.

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Microsoft OneDrive goes live, adds Dropbox like way to get free space


What is rubbish about one dive? Its just as good if not better than the competition...

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Try stream a video from it to your android and come back to me mate

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Serious question, is that what it's touted as? I thought this and it's ilk were more like storage than media streaming.

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So I always knew I could stream, but just to be sure I just tried it again, it streams in the video player on my android. Was just watching my episodes of Wilfred. So you might want to give it another try.

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Actually, I did several times and it worked always. Try the OneDrive app for Android. And download a different browser if that onedoesn't work for you!

I have 30GB on OneDrive! Gonna test this out with my Nexus 5 today! Sweet! Nice to have another auto upload cloud for pictures in addition to dropbox since I do not want to use Google + photos.

I got a 100gb for signing in early! Although I just used 4 by now and I had it for over a year. Although it lasts one year so when it expires I will have 8 gb used aprox.

I got 7 to start then 20 for being a long time member and 3 to turn on auto upload for my nexus 5.

Beats bugging everyone to get 500mb referral increase in dropbox.

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Plus almost everyone had drop box already, so it's hard to get referrals, I also have 28, I had the grandfathered 25 GB, and got 3 for auto upload, and I have a code for 20 more free, but I'm not going to activate it.

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The 20 for being a long time member. Are those permanent or for a year? Because I got the 100gb for a year but I was a member since 2009.

It suddenly says I have 10 GB total now. (As opposed to the 7GB that comes with the account). Anyone else see that?

i have a Windows 8 Ultrabook (with Start8) and Office 2013 and like it. but SkyDrive/OneDrive is clunky and buggy. i'll stick with 32GB Dropbox which is elegant and near flawless. MSFT needed a new guy because they got the Cloud - and a lot of other stuff WRONG.

Drive would be great if it had auto camera upload. I use it for non photo stuff. Yes, I know about Google + photo but I do not want to use Google +. Also the one time I used it if I deleted the photo on my phone, it deleted on G+ photos WTF?

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if u delete the photo on photo on phone it wont delete on Google+.. thats proves you did something wrong...
also saving on G+ is the same as saving on Google Drive. it looks like its saved in different places

Yes however you can't access the photos from drive. You have to open photos.

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How can I do it wrong? Seems pretty simple to me. Works on dropbox, box, onedrive. I tried it from multiple phones and it always deleted the picture from G+ photos. Anyways not worth the worry.

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As much as I love Google and Android, I love SkyDrive and Windows 8. I bought a 200GB/2-Year code for $45 on eBay (bringing me to 228GB total!) and have been using it ever since. Love how seamlessly it syncs between all my PCs and can pull up pictures on my Xbone without a hitch.

So glad they added auto-upload - it's the one feature I've been waiting on for a long time now. Great update all around and glad to see some more Android support!

Hmmm... I wonder what will say about that. They offer online storage, too.

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Now, if they'd just encrypt my files as they leave my system and store them on their servers still encrypted (with only me able to decrypt them), I could use this better (and the same applies to Google Drive). Instead, I have to stick with SpiderOak.

its a back up, you can delete any pictures on your phone and will remain in your OneDrive, also you can install and use OneDrive in your Laptop or tablet and you will see all your pictures to transfer, edit, share, etc. it's like a synchronized hard drive in all devices porting the OneDrive app

I like and they are not as stingy with space. 15 GB to start (20 GB if you use a referral like this one: ) They allow a fair share, where the space used in a shared folder is split between the number of users sharing the data.