Meizu MX2

Meizu is a name you probably haven't heard of before if you live outside of China, but they're an up-and-coming OEM that's trying their best to offer some compelling smartphones as of late. This device, the MX2, is a follow-up to their previous flagship model, the MX. The specs get bumped up heartily this time around, with a 1.6GHz quad-core processor (a Samsung unit), 2GB of RAM, 4.4-inch 800x1280 (347ppi) display and 8MP BSI camera.

At first glance, the software doesn't look much like any Jelly Bean you've ever seen before, even though this is indeed based on Android 4.1. Meizu makes its own heavy customizations to Android and ships something that's got a lot of unique flare. It will be somewhat familiar to anyone who has used an MIUI custom build on a device, and has offered many features on previous versions of Android that just hadn't existed before on a stock device. If the manufacturer is going to customize Android, they might as well go all the way, and make no apologies about what it is.

The Meizu MX2 is hitting China for $399, $479 and $639 for 16, 32 and 64GB of internal storage starting in December. We don't think this will hit many other markets any time soon, but willing users will surely be able to get their hands on one from importers.

Source: Meizu; Via: Engadget


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Meizu launches MX2 with quad-core processor and Jelly Bean for $399


Looks awesome, wish I could buy.

EDIT: NVM I saw the back of the phone and it looks like hell. I just like the circle at the bottom on the front.

This company finally got it.
An iPhone that has the functionality of Android.

And it still has a bigger screen than the iPhone 5.

Awesome? Looks like a iPhone to me..
When will these knock off artists realize, if I wanted a Apple product I'd buy one!

I've seen the device at its launch meeting in Beijing,It looks completely different from iphone(mine is iphone4s),the home button which is like iphone is actually a virtual can touch instead of click.the circle around the button would shine at a frequency like a human breath. the screen is awsome.It has an arc back with 2 layers,the inside layer is like white ceramic and the outside layer is transparant glass.The most immpressed is the sound quality,both its phone and the ear phone shows a high resolution of sound,very clear.

It's China and only being sold in China. Unfortunately, nothing Apple will be able to do unless they try to sell elsewhere.

Unfortunately? At least they can sell their product without worrying about lawsuits lol. It would be nice if it could be released in the multi-nationally, though. So many people want a high spec'd phone that doesn't have a massive screen. This phone could have been a hit with a multi-national release. I'm happy for the people that are able to get one.

It is very interesting to me that suddenly in late 2012, high end phones full price is now like $200 less than it has been previously. First the Nexus 4 and now this? Wonder what has happened to drop the prices so much?

A big part of it was the chip manufacturers. Nvidia made a big deal out of severely dropping the price of their Tegra 3 chips. This is a samsung chip, not nvidia, but I imagine the same technology that allowed nvidia to drop prices probably applies to other manufacturers as well.

Additionally, previously hardware updates were leaps and bounds above previous seasons, whereas the last 2 years have seen little hardware improvement, focusing on incremental stat boosts and software integration.

I think that companies like LG and Meizu have come to realize that unless you get sued by Apple, you are NOT a major Android player. Hence, the reason we see blatant design copies from both companies...

I really like the GUI, especially that clock at the top. The phone itself looks nice even though it looks like an iPhone ripoff.

I remember waiting for the M8 to come out, it was delayed and delayed and delayed, and then I bought a G1. Meizu got their start making a popular ipod competitor, and then an iphone clone. Interesting company though, they've been using android to make an OS that looks like iOS.

The front looks too much like an iPhone (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), and the back is...meh.
The quad-core (Samsung) CPU. I'm guessing it would be similar to the Exynos 4 found in the international GS III?

Can anyone please tell if I can use this phone on T-mobile's (US) network. If so will it work on their "4G" HSPA. Please let me know. I want to import it.