An analog face and a notification screen make for some of the best looking smartwatches yet

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Watch as John P. and Adam talk with Pam Niemi from Martian Watches all about their upcoming product, the Martian Notifier, as well as demo their existing voice control watches.

Martian realizes that a watch has to look good as well as be functional, and they are trying to bridge that gap with a traditional styled watch that can still give you the notifications you need and the features you want.

Their app is no slouch either, and the Android version will send notifications from any application right to your wrist.


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Martian Watches show us their new products and software #CESlive


I own and use the Martian Passport and won't give it up. I was out for dinner last week when I got a call. So I answered it in the restaurant. The other couple sat there in awe as I spoke and then hung up all without taking my phone out.

I knew who call from my display, as it sends the caller name if it is in you contacts. The guy that was with us wanted one now. So I sent him to Amazon. Now we both sit in a restaurant calling each other on our watches and talk Dick Tracy style.

I would like to see current watch makers like Fossil add this type of smartwatch tech to their massive line of watches!

Display screen too small to be useful for me. I will stick to the pebble until Google launch their version....

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that right there will be my first smart watch i'm thinking. Thats all I need and want. Hopefully I win a free watch from smartwatchfans!!

I'm a little disappointed in the new Notifier model. I have that exact same blacked out Victory model Pam showed at the beginning of the video as well as a black/orange face Passport and really like them, and I need to update my firmware as the latest version supposedly lets me finally turn off answering a call on the watch as the default (they had that for iOS but not Android), which will solve my only major PITA issue with the Martians.

I love their analog style, but have repeatedly suggested they need to find a way to display more info at once (the simplest solution I believe would be to scroll text "up" or "down" a line at a time instead of scrolling horizontally in ticker-tape fashion, it just takes too long to read an SMS longer than 6 words). I was hoping the rumored new model would either have a dual-line display or some other design cue, but really all they've done here is make a plastic version of the original watches and eliminate the mic/speaker just to get the costs down.

Right now the Toq has edged out my Martians as my every day work watch because its so much easier to get entire subject of emails at a glance, vs. waiting for it to scroll across the Martians screen. But on weekends when I want a smart watch in order to not miss a call while I'm out I prefer the Martians as they're more stylish with the analog faces and the voice features come in pretty handy.