Sprint Galaxy Nexus

As predicted, the Jelly Bean roll out for the Sprint Galaxy Nexus is slowly happening, and we finally have a link where you can manually grab the file and do-it-yourself. It's not quite as straightforward as it used to be, but with a little bit of work you can have the latest and greatest on your Toro plus hardware, with all the bells and whistles working.

You'll need to download the update files of course, and thankfully cliche37 has found the URL direct from Google and posted it up in the Sprint Galaxy Nexus forums. Grab them from his post, which points you right at Google's servers. Then sit back and do a little reading about booting into a custom recovery and flashing the image. Forums moderator dmmarck goes over it pretty well in his megapost here, and more importantly, is there to help if you hit a snag.

Of course you could always wait until it's your turn to get the OTA, but we know that's not something some of us will want to do. Get it done, and enjoy some Jelly!

Source: Android Central forums

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will this work for the NS4G too? or do I need to wait some more

Galaxy Nexus only. 

I'm digging for the NS4G files right now.

mattg67 says:

Woo hoo Thanks Jerry! You the man ;p

guess I should wait then..good thing I didn't pull the trigger on the link...lol

the update failed and bricked my phone I just did this process an hour ago and loving it now to restore my 20GB of data to the device crap . But loving stock JB

I hate Verizon so much now.

XavierMatt says:

I'm tired of hating them, it's getting non of us anywhere.

wolverinex says:

i installed the tar file with odin,rockin the freeeakin jellybean!

mranderson41 says:

maybe this is a dumb question but is there any reason the stock recovery can't be used if the update.zip is placed in the write location?

ak11667 says:

@cliche37: not bad for a liberal. thanks for the link!

n0obpr0 says:

If I didn't know how to unlock and root my Nexus, I would be really pissed off at Verizon. But, F Verizon :)

bsharitt says:

I used the instructions xda, http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1769808 to force my phone to grab the update. Happily running Jelly Bean now.

jsherm10 says:

This method didn't work for me. It makes my last update check go back to 1969. I live in Atlanta, but I don't think that has anything to do with it.

abocornwall says:

I also live in Atlanta and doing that has never worked for me either so.. :/ don't know why location would matter at all but apparently.

Kramerbones says:

Is it safe to assume this will NOT break root?

rlhammon says:

I came to Android after having both the BlackBerry Storm and Storm2. I wanted a touchscreen, and didn't want an iPhone. At the time, I had made a good choice, since I was already on Verizon. I waited for a good Android phone after my upgrade period and everything I read said, "get the Nexus device" because "it gets upgraded directly from Google" or "it's the first to be updated". I believe my Verizon Galaxy Nexus will be the *LAST* Nexus to be updated to Jelly Bean, and I don't understand why Verizon still has to test the software.

I know people will say "just root the phone", but the upgrade path on an Android is far more complex than it was on a BlackBerry. I was constantly trying builds on my BB, but haven't made it through the process to root my Android. I'm tired of having to do upgrades on my own, working around the carrier... who does one contact at Verizon to at least voice their complaints?

ChuckG73 says:

I am going to say this one more time....Its a Nexus you should not have to root it to get or have the latest OS.

DSaif says:

SPRINT Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean 4.1: How to get the update NOW!
Posted by Gage Benne on September 7, 2012 04:55 pm 8
Before any of this, check for an update by selecting About Phone in Settings, and select System Update. You may have the update already. Check Now. If not, follow these simple instructions to get the update NOW!

Open the Settings application.

Select Apps.

Select the All drawer, and select Google Service Frameworks.

First, Force Stop the application, then Clear Data.

Now that the Google Service Frameworks are reset, you may check for an update, by selecting About Phone in Settings, and select System Update.

The last update check should be garbled. Around 1969.

If this did not work, try these steps several times. This is important, IT MAY TAKE SEVERAL TRIES BEFORE A RESULT.

Enjoy Jelly Bean on your Sprint Galaxy Nexus.

Broheemster says:

It took 5 tries but I am now enjoying project butter. Thx DSaif !

JoshAChiles says:

Thank you!Took me about 8 tries but worked just like you said.

dschermer says:

Worked for me after 2 attempts. Thank you for the post!

jsherm10 says:

Took about 10 times but it worked! Thanks!

TrojanChris says:

Thanks! Worked on 2nd try.

This worked on the first try.

Ctbrewton says:

Worked for me after about four tries!

I forced the update on my galaxy Nexus without rooting the phone