Moto Cliq

It seems like only yesterday we mentioned that some lucky testers would be getting the Motorola Cliq Android 2.1 update early.  Of course today being the big day meant that we had to dig around to try to get things set up for the people who didn't make the cut for the testing group, and we came across a really cool find -- the official instructions and download link that went out to the testers is public on the web, and anyone is able to download the files and update their Cliq to Eclair!

We've got it all laid out in the Cliq forums, and there's even a mirror or two just in case this becomes "unpublic" in the near future.  Head over to the forums and check it out, and get your 2.1 on! [Android Central Forums] Big thanks to everyone who helped us out this morning!

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Wow about time!

Motorola Cliq? Lol

jmc2543 says:

So the cliq users will finally stop complaining?!? Thank god!!!

Kyran says:

You forget this is Eclair and not Froyo. No apps2sd for the unrooted.

njd915 says:

the update changes a lot of things, its ok, i just did it on my girl's phone, is a little slow but f curse just get the launcher and it will smooth out the scrolling, lots of new features such as music recognition and lading lyrics of the song, and also motorola widgets are great

newyorksuzie says:

What about us poor cliq xt users : ( waaahhh I'm hoping it will follow soon!!!

i was gonna update my cliq but when i went to the forums and read about all the trouble people were having, i decided not to *kanye shrug*

zackmack7 says:

Did it about 5 hours ago. Took a while for the facebook contact pictures to load up, and it kept freezing up when i went to go look at my texts messages, but everything seems to be fine now. Time will tell. Overall, I'm generally happy with the update.