Action buttons are great for email and now, Mailbox has them too

Although there certainly hasn't been a lot of updates as of yet for Dropbox's email client otherwise known as Mailbox there is a notable one filtering through the Google Play store right now. It's a simple one but also one that will be welcomed by many as it's a pretty core feature to have included. What is it? Well, it's action buttons for email notifications that allow you to archive, snooze and reply from the notifications.

A simple, yet wonderful little addition that brings the app more in line with even that of the standard GMail client but should improve overall use of the app and save some folks some time. Other than that, it doesn't seem as though any other feature changes have been added but the usual bug fixes and UI improvements are noted to be in place so there's that. The app is available for free so if you're looking to test it out, no better time than right now.


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Mailbox by Dropbox adds action buttons to email notifications


Alright, now let's work on supporting some more mail types. This update will cause me to re-download it and give it another shot again though.
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Amazing app, dropped Gmail app. The idea of a zero balance mailbox is refreshing imo. Now if they could make a tablet app all would be right in my app universe.
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I think Dropbox gives you a whole free gb if you install their mail app too

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I like the app, I just want it to automatically move to the next email (already opened) when I delete an email, otherwise this might be my only email app

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I wish it gave you the option of not signing in to dropbox, maybe when they give me the choice I will return

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That would be like Gmail allowing you to use a Yahoo or Hotmail account. The service is through Dropbox so naturally, you should use your Dropbox account.

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As a layman......why would you need this service if you've already using Gmail or Outlook?

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Mailbox's ability to "snooze" email, at least for me, allows me to keep a better focus on email that requires my immediate attention vs email that needs to be acted on later.

Funnily enough, I've never been able to sign into my account with the app so far. Until today.. It gave me all the errors it could possibly find.

I'll stick with Gmail.
And I'll stick with the stock E-mail app for non-Gmail accounts.

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Until it supports more than just Gmail and iCloud, I'll stick with CloudMagic

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