ASUS Transformer Prime

Despite a number of recent unsourced stories to the contrary, we unfortunately still don't have a firm sales date for the ASUS Transformer Prime. We do, however have a ballpark window -- ASUS has told us to "expect availabilty in North America to start the week of 12/19 based on pre-order fulfillments and inbound shipment schedules." Online availability may hit a week sooner, around Dec. 12.

So, expect updates over the next couple weeks, we reckon. Pricing is still listed at $499 for the 32GB version of the Transformer Prime, and the 64GB version's going for $599.

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Reader comments

Look for the Transformer Prime around the week of Dec. 19, ASUS says


With a release date that close to Christmas you know that this thing is being rushed out the door last minute which makes me think there will be a lot of bugs for the first few weeks. Hopefully Asus has a track record of putting out updates in a timely fashion.

Still, I can't wait for this beast.

That is why they are releasing it with gingerbread. It they wait for until they can get ICS working with it, then the Transformer prime will be delayed until January.