Blogger for Android

It's been quite some time since the Blogger for Android app was updated with any substantial changes but now if you head on into the Google Play Store you'll find Google has finally given it a touch of love. There is some UI changes in effect that improve the overall look plus, it'll now sign you in automatically when you go to view a blog on the web. Other changes include additional language support, the capability to view a scheduled post time and as expected -- plenty of bug fixes. If you've got yourself a Blogger account that you're making use of, be sure to grab the new app and take it for a spin.


Reader comments

Long overdue update to Blogger for Android now available


I really like it glad they finally updated it hopefully we see a few more enhancements this go round rather than several months from now.

I wonder why Google restricts the Blogger app to some countries, like mine (Philippines).

Had to use my VPN to update it.

how were you able to do it. When I do to google play, it always says that the app is not available in my country (Philippines).