Logitech Revue update

Fire up the ol' Logitech Revue this afternoon and you might find an update waiting for you. Yes, the Revue can receive online updates -- just like any other Android-based device. Logitech has confirmed to us that the update addresses the frame-rate issue that we told you about last week.

If you're the type who was to have particulars, the update moves the Revue from build number KA11-20101015.201139.user-b39389 to KA1X-20101027.092418.user-be9953. A couple more pics of the update in progress (exciting, eh?) are after the break. [Logitech via Phandroid]

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Logitech Revue update

Logitech Revue update

Logitech Revue update


There are 5 comments

VMdoug says:

Looks like it's not available for me yet, I'm still on the old firmware and it says I'm running the latest version when I check system updates...oh well...

An update already??? Wow.

droidgeek says:

That's all and good now hopefully they will have an update to fix the free content issues streaming tv shows from hulu.com, abc.com, cbs.com, nbc.com, fox.com, fancast.com, etc.

jelly roll says:

You can now watch football Phil!...?

Oh yeah sorry forgot

pw1491 says:

I just applied the upgrade, and once it was done, it hung at the "Logitech enjoy" screen. Its been about 5 minutes thus far. Will reboot and see what happens.

**Update** A quick power cycle and I'm back in action.