Logitech Keyboard Case

Logitech has launched a new line of Android tablet accessories today. Some of the highlights in the lineup include:

  • Logitech Wireless Speaker: Eliminate cables and listen to your music from up to 50 feet away from your tablet with Bluetooth connectivity. The speaker delivers rich stereo sound and its rechargeable batteries last up to 10 hours.
  • Logitech Tablet Keyboard: This keyboard comes in two models — one for Android-based tablets and one for iPad — and the carrying case converts to a stand when you’re ready to type.
  • Logitech Tablet Mouse: Pairing to your Android 3.1 + tablet using Bluetooth, this mouse delivers laser-precise tracking, smooth cursor control and easy up-and-down scrolling.

Anyone interested? I know products like the Motorola Atrix 4G and the Eee Pad Transformer have an edge with their dedicated keyboard docks, but will this pull anyone away? I for one think the keyboard would look great with a Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Source: Blog.Logitech


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Logitech debuts new lineup of Android tablet accessories


From the picture, it looks like the keyboard is designed to have the tablet snap in. Is that the case? (pun intended?)

Logitech makes great products, never had a problem with anything Logitech I have purchased and I've purchased alot.

The new bluetooth profiles in 3.1 are going to open a lot of possibilities. If these third party docks can hold the tablet securely they will actually work better than the native docking connector on some of these tablets. One less set of pins to be messed up over time, and one additional degree of freedom about where you place the screen when using the keyboard.

The Tablet that owners love, but which Android Central won't even review might also be a candidate for this type of accessory.

Touch screens aren't very usable in an upright position. If I'm docking my tablet, i'd wanna be able to mouse on it.

Because men may have large fingers that make closing tabs on the internet very difficult. I bought a stylus for that reason but I also considered a mouse which are expensive.

I have this keyboard/case for my iPad2 (sorry everyone, but despite my devotion to Android phones--going back to the original release of the G1--it's a better tablet for my needs), and it's terrific. It doubles as a case, since the iPad pops right into it. i don't really understand how it can do that for the Android world, since the dimensions aren't uniform--will they make one for each model?

I thought the same thing. I have an iPad (don't use it) and a Transformer (yes this fits MY needs better, though I can see how an iPad is better for others). I've been comparing dimensions of all the tablets (for case reasons) and nothing is even close to being the same. I can't fathom any company, even Logitech, coming out with a model for each one especially when Android tablets start seeing new releases every few days like Android phones do now.

Androidcentral, I think you posted the wrong photo for the product. This looks like the ipad cover/keyboard (only for ipad), not the Android keyboard, which is flat (no frame with a ridge) and has a rounded 'bump' along the top edge. The Andoid version slips into a protective sleeve, and that sleeve turns in to the stand for your tablet.

SHIPPING!!!! I just got my shipment confirmation for the Android keyboard and mouse. It better not disappoint!!