Lloyd Does: Christmas

It's the time of the year when people start to get into the holiday spirit, and Lloyd is certainly doing his part.  Our pal Rob sends in this awesome pic of his office Christmas tree, with our very own Lloyd topping things off. 

Rob, and the entire IT staff, thanks.  This is how geek Christmas is done.

There are 6 comments

HTCSense says:

Hmm, he looks abit........anorexic

frozencloud says:

haha, prolly starving itself for some gingerbread cookies.

lds123 says:

thats the ugliest tree of all times

cesarb says:

Just noticed.... Lloyd looks like phil!!! Jajajajaja... Lmao!!!!

pDoG says:

ive always wondered, and i guess by this picture, do yall have an office that is used on the daily?

kevlars9 says:

Haha he looks cold and unhappy in this photo.