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We all know that Lloyd is a well-traveled individual, but we were nevertheless surprised to see him stalking the halls of IFA 2012 in Berlin, Germany, moonlighting for a Chinese tablet manufacturer. We've seen our trusty mascot adorn unauthorized ads and shop signs before, but never on such a scale. Electronics firm Hopeful enlisted the help of a five-foot-tall Lloyd at its IFA 2012 booth, where it was showing a handful of Android tablets.

We'll be having a few words with Lloyd when he gets back from Berlin. In the meantime, if you want real, AC-approved Lloyd swag, we've got plenty of that over in the store.

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yodatom10 says:

Lloyd has a passport ?

daye_chris says:

Question, I'm thinking about coming to the event today to look for sources for Chinese Tablets. Do you think this is a wise move or is this event just set up for mainstream brands to showcase upcoming products?


At least they put a chair in the proper place to give Lloyd some privacy in his nether-region...

CeluGeek says:

Your comment sir (or ma'am) made my day!

DaEXfactoR says:

I say you go all Apple on their ass!!!

crxssi says:

Look at the name of the product- "Hopeful"??? what a horrible name! And the manrta "Smart TV Sticker"???? You would think they would contact at least one western English-speaker before selecting such crazy stuff.

zachavm says:

Alex - Don't just make them take it down. Get some money out of them for the site. You might be able to get a few months writer's salary out of it.

runer112 says:

Do you guys have Lloyd in his pose trademarked?

mwara244 says:

This is another reason why I hate freaking china. They steal everybody's intellectual property, and copy it for their own and they never get penalized for it. China steals everything and the international community lets them get away with it. Not to mention all the corporations that have out sourced american jobs in the millions to china. And thanks to an arrangement by Bush for borrowing a trillion from the chinese allowed the chinese to flood the united states with cheap toxic products that have been flooded into the U.S. stores. I could go on and on with more facts, but China needs to get checked before ruining the world.

BasPilot says:

I think I'm a curious as every one else here about the same thing... What does AC want to do about it? Is it a SUE them (like apple!) or just let them do their thing and enjoy the publicity of the picture?

badkitties says:

perhaps AndroidCentral should retain the services of the attorneys who successfully
won Apple's case against Samsung recently.

who knows, maybe AndroiCentral will receive a $1.05 billion as compensation!

Yahma says:

IFA Berlin Rules!!