Live from Verizon's CTIA event!

We're coming to you live this morning from the beautiful Sands Expo Convention Center in Las Vegas, where Verizon is going to talk to us about ... something. Given the context of the CTIA venue, it's entirely possible we'll just be getting an update on Verizon's network capabilities -- and possibly an update on when to expect Voice Over LTE. Or, perhaps we'll actually get some new hardware. 

Only one way to find out -- it's liveblog time!

The show kicks off at 2 p.m. EDT, and 11 a.m. PDT. (OK, technically things get going at 10 after, but we're nothing if not early.)

Join us after the break as we bring it to you, live.


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Live from Verizon's CTIA event!


Wait a minute. Two hour time difference between east coast and west coast? I think it's supposed to start at 2pm EST

time is messed up...
And for what its worth. current timing on East Coast is EDT (not EST).

I hope not. If they do, ATT will follow suit and that will leave us with Sprint and T Mobile with the only discounts.

LOL, nah VZW customers love to be bent over with no lube...raw, like sushi :)
Thank goodness I've left them recently. Love how they keep emailing me to "come back" and "tell us what we can do to get you back". NOTHING! Buh bye!

The reason it did say 1 pm EDT time before it was fixed is that Verizon is announcing a time machine app that warps the space fabric of time between east and west coast. Verizon exclusive- can't get it on rooted devices.

Only problem is that it fails to function correctly the entire universe will be destroyed. SFT warnings- Space Fabric of Time-will be required on all new phones by the FCC.

The closer we get to this event, the more and more I think the One WON'T be announced.
Come on Verizon, don't piss off your customers!

How about making 32GB standard for newer Android Devices? :)

I know the HTC One has 32GB, but don't force me to this over the S4 (as your only admitted offering is 16GB).

CNET has it starting at 2:15 EDT and ending at 2:45 EDT. Maybe there is just nothing to show yet?

According to the US Naval Observatory atomic clock, it's already 2:10PM EDT.

Still nothing on the liveblog? :(

Edit: CNET's liveblog says the Verizon event starts at 2:15PM

maybe they'll tell us that isis is a no go and they'll allow wallet on our phones? HA...HAHA...HAHAHAHAHA...LOL...that was a good one

I love AndroidCentral, but I'm heading over to CNET to watch the liveblog with video. :(

Why can't AndroidCentral have video liveblog? :(

Slash with a serrated knife to the back with the J-lo announcement... if you want to throw salt in the wound, then no mention of the HTC One... damn i h8 that woman!!! LOL

i now have the strange desire to throw my s4 against the wall when it arrives tomorrow. my mobile company thinks this is a great event? what planet?

To say the whole Jennifer Lopez thing is anything but terribly awkward is the understatement of the century.

Well at least it appears my VZW rep wasn't lying yesterday when he said the HTC rep told them there would be no new HTC flagship on VZW until late summer.

Guess that means the Butterfly 2/ Droid DNA 2 is more likely than a HTC One based phone.

Please tell me there is more to this press conference than this? I'm a Latino and I couldn't care less about this crap...

But they have accessories geared just for us man...what's better then a regular screen protector, a Latino one!!!! this event was ridiculous

@josue85 ditto. I wasn't aware Latinos love to social network and always bring their families shopping with them. Latinos want the HTC one. Fact.

So this whole thing is wanting to sell more to the Latino community? I dont get it at all, I've never heard a company just target one group of people like this.

According to Jennifer Lopez during her speech,
Latinos spend 1.5 hours more per day doing
things online than any other ethnic race group....

does this include work hours?

how is that racist?

my company fired all the white and Chinese/Korean-American software programmers and
hired all new ones from India... because Indian workers were cheaper. is that racist also?
(the owner of the company is Indian-American)

What a big bag of nothing! Verizon going after the Latino market partnering with JLo her Viva Movil company.

Maybe we'll get the HTC UNO.

Verizon's big announcement was a Latino based phone carrier they have zero stake in, but rents their bandwidth. Im really, really, reallllly starting to hate Big Red.

I left last year after being a customer for more years than I can remember and moved all 5 of our lines to Straight Talk (using AT&T SIMs) and haven't looked back.

Me too. Might wait until after the Apple WWDC to do it just to see what they announce.
Hoping just maybe they come out with a 32GB Samsung Galaxy S4 soon too.
If I go to AT&T I can have all my choices for sure with iPhone 5S, GS4 @32GB and HTC One.

Just bought a Droid DNA on eBay.....thinking about reselling it and telling Verizon to stick up their....Arse...12 year customer and completely fed up with their arrogance........

Ha ha ha ha ha!! All the more reason that I'm happy that I've left this poor excuse for a company last year. What a joke! They've lost it!

Verizon, the official phone company of millions of illegals!

Moved all 5 lines to Straight Talk, 4 of them are using the AT&T SIM cards and 1 is using a T-Mobile SIM. No more Verizon BS, and our bill has actually gone down.

That was almost as bad as the Samsung dog and pony show for the S4. Which reminds me, I guess I'll be getting an S4 tomorrow morning. DAMN YOU BIG RED!

I feel dumber for having witnessed that event. So, to make this clear, did Verizon and Jennifer Lopez just degrade the Latino community?

Exactly what I did with my family... Left VZW and got Nexus 4s for every line we moved to Straight Talk SIM. The final straw for me was the Galaxy Nexus mess on Verizon. Never looked back and have been happy ever since.

AT&T Nexus 4 sounds good. I am tired of VZW as well. So tired of the Droid line and all the BS they keep feeding us....

Wow I am glad I missed this liveblog! At least I already ordered a Droid DNA when it was on sale for free!

And that was the BIG announcement?????
EPIC FAIL! Could have done that with a press release like everyone else.
A branded carrier partner for a specific market.

Also somebody's numbers were off 2012 US Population was about 315 Million
The Hispanic portion is about 16%. That means about 50 million individuals.
She claims 1.2 Trillion in buying power. 1.2x10^12 is 1.2 trillion.
so 1.2x10^12/50x10^6 = $24,000 for each Hispanic man,woman and child.
The U.S. average household income or "per capita income" is under $30,000. So how did she/they arrive at the 1.2 trillion dollar figure spread across 50 Million. That would make the average household income if we assume four people at close to $100,000. Nope.

I got my figures from the US Census. Where did she get her's from????

I just read through the play-by-play on Verizon's announcement and it has me asking one question...who do I see to get the last 15 minutes of my life back? No device announcements???? What a colossal waste of time.

I hope the technology news community reports this for what it was, a joke, a farse, a slap in the face of Verizon customers who have stayed with them even when they are the most expensive wireless provider out there. Verizon doesn't care about it's customers and I don't think the customers should care about them any longer! In today's technology age you can own any device you want with respectable service from more and more providers stepping up to the plate everyday. Screw you Verizon....basta con el abuso!

Thanks for the comic relief in here or I might actually be pissed..

So the HTC One, the Nexus 4, the rumored X Phone AND Nexus 5 are all going to other carriers and Verizon announces THIS crap at CTIA!?!?!

Not to mention the LG Optimus G Pro which, for the price, is a reasonable phablet alternative to the Note 2 from what I've been reading.

Verizon to customers "You'll get NOTHING and like it!"

I was kinda hoping for an HTC One announcement, but after all the doom and gloom reports of HTC's management jumping ship, I'm not sure I want to be saddled with a phone for the next two years from a company that might no longer be in existence.

I'm Latina and I'm not sure how I shop differently for wireless than everyone else - I want a phone with excellent specs and a plan with a good price that gives me plenty of data. Silly if you ask me.