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T-Mobile CEO John Legere already has made quite the splash here at CES in Las Vegas — and the company hasn't even had its big day yet. The ever-outspoken (and far from publicity-shy) Legere already crash (and got kicked out of) AT&T's opening party. He put coal in his competitors stockings. He called AT&T's offer of up to $450 for switching from T-Mobile "desperate."

Today T-Mobile unveils its latest "Uncarrier" initiative in Las Vegas. By all accounts (including any number of leaks) we should see a move to pay early termination fees if you switch to T-Mobile. That's not really a new thing — carriers have been offering that incentive off and on for years. But chances are T-Mobile will add some sort of twist to it.

And we'll be there to bring it to you, live. Join us after the break for our liveblog. Doors open at noon PST — that's 3 p.m. on the East Coast and 8 p.m. in London, and we'll kick things off thereabouts.

This should be good.


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Live from T-Mobile's Uncarrier 4.0 event with @JohnLegere


Plain and simple nothing beats Tmobile or Mr. Legere.

This will be very interesting.

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He has good ideas, can't say the other CEOs have good pro-consumer ideas.

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When you're in 4th place you don't have to hold back. AT&T and Verizon's CEO's don't speak because when they do they risk marketshare, stockprice, and shareholder value. John can say whatever he wants because they have no where to go but up with market share and stock price.

If T-Mobile was in first you wouldn't even know their CEO's first name much less see him crashing parties and posting an unhinged Twitter feed. This is their shtick right now, this IS their marketing. But its cute everyone thinks this is just some wacky CEO that can't be controlled leading from behind.

Sadly, I have to agree.

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Not in SoCal pretty much anywhere in SoCal has TMo Service. Eben where I live in Ventura (Not exactly a huge city)

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Well, my signal is better than TMobile at least. I'm also not sure if you noticed that I wasn't serious when I said that...

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They don't do that.

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Partially right! except I use a Moto X =P!
From verizon to straight talk and I get better serivce with less money in my area. =)

It's already leaked on other sites. I wouldn't say AT&T's desperate - it was just a preemptive strike against T-Mo's plans.

I would like to see this shake up the industry where all carriers are willing to pay the others' ETFs to poach people. I'd move - just not to T-Mo as their coverage doesn't meet my needs.

Glad they're trying to shake things up though.

The only problem with the carriers paying early termination fees is that they require you to turn in your current device and re-purchase a new one from them--even if your old device has a compatible radio with your new carrier.

If you just sold your device in some cases you could pay your ETF and have money left over.

So, if I was running my unlocked Nexus 4 on AT&T and then went to T-Mobile they'd make me give them my Nexus 4 and sell me a new identical Nexus 4 for T-Mobile?

Yeah, that doesn't sound right, at all...

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Only if you wanted them to pay your early termination fee. Otherwise you could bring your own phone at the end of your contract. This is just a tool by the looks of it for people desperate to leave their current carrier, like me, stuck on Verizon for another year paying $100 a month for 500mb of data. The details haven't come out yet but that's what it looks like so far.

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Yikes, you're getting yanked. I'm paying 100 dollars per month (70 - T-Mobile, 30 - Verizon) and I get unlimited data on my Nexus 5 and 2GB on my iPad Mini.

I, and probably others, here, highly suggest you switch. Or, you can threaten to leave and get that Verizon loyalty plan (60 - unlimited talk/text and 2GB of data). You'll have to go into a store, complain, and then ask to speak to the loyalty department.

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Ugh customers complaining and threatening about price are the worst, take the price they offer or leave it on the table. They have 100 million customers, more than Germany or the UK has total citizens. Everyone thinks they are special and deserve a discount but unless you have 10+ lines you need to climb down off your horse and choose something you can really afford.

Sadly I have to agree. I knew Verizon would be expensive when I signed up for them so its no surprise 3 years later they are still costly. But, I get 4GLTE wherever I go in Georgia so far (from ATL to Athens to Lawrenceville in between).

Completely disagree. Do not give in to them, that is ridiculous. Just because you can afford it doesn't mean you should let them bend you over and just take it. If anyone is on a "high horse" it is you.

I completely agree with the second sentence in your reply, brother.

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I've been on Verizon for 10 years, I pay 153 dollars a month for 2 lines with 2gb data. Never been offered a "loyalty plan" believe me I've complained. One of my line is the shit GNex that I got a year ago, and the other (Mine) is a Lumia 928 (the most defective phone in the history of phones). I hate Verizon.

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There may be some details that will help to answer these lingering questions. If that is the case though, why not buy a cheap blackberry off craigslist and then sell your old device on swappa?

That's not a bad idea.

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If t-mobile does something awesome I have no love for my att account. They now have full lte in my area and are just as covered even as att is. The only thing keeping me on att is my unlimited data plan but as of last month I got the first message I was using to much and will be throttled after only 2GB. So it's not even worth it now to stay.

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T-Mobile has unlimited data for only $10 above their standard 2GB plan. I know. I have it myself.

Me, too!! It's definitely worth the money.

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You get throttled at exactly 3GB on 4G phones and at 5GB on LTE phones (you should upgrade), no more, no less, it's their written policy that is enforced equally. The usage estimate you get from them is lagged a few hours or even days, only trust the usage count in your phone under settings.

T mobile out here in saint Louis is amazing. Super speeds good coverage. But on my recent trip to San Diego I got horrible speeds and a lot of missed calls. Probably just needed an ota refresh buy idk I still love them

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I know it won't happen, but I would love this bombshell to be the merger with Sprint. I guess that will have to wait a few months.

THis one is about EFTs and some other stuff.

You will be waiting for a lifetime because NO MERGER will be taking place rest assured on that.

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Your right, it will be an outright buy from Softbank. I keep saying merger to lessen the blow on the haters

Wow. We agree. NoNexus not only hates Nexi, he is apparently cheering for less options in the mobile space. NoNexus, What will you give me if you're wrong?

Predictions on the Internet are easy. Backing them up is hard.

I hate the n4 and gnex. The N5 is decent and I own a N7.

No it isn't that I want less choices, I want a solid alternative to ATT and vzw.

Sprint nor Tmo is in a position to do that for years, if ever. Together they are greater than the parts.

Tmo still has a net loss in subscribers over a 2 year period and the ATT money is gone. They little stunts to gain subscribers are running thin and getting countered, now even before they are announced.

Sprint had a crap network for years and are just now recovering. They will not even be considered acceptable until the end of the year at best. But they now have GOOGLE kind of money to back them with softbank.

It is perfect for both to merge, run their own networks (don't start with the gsm/Cdma stuff, that can be overcome) until LTE - A and then it will not matter.

You can hate the idea all you want, but it makes the most sense. DT wants them sold. They are getting sold. You should be right there with me hoping it is Sprint. Your alternative is Dish. How'd that work for blockbuster?

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As for the GNex and Nexus 4, I thought those were really solid devices. The 4.3 update dramatically increased performance on both.

As for the, still, highly-rumored Sprint and T-Mobile "merger," we'll have to just wait and see.

Some are for it, some are against it, some are indifferent. Whichever way someone sways their opinion, it's not worth discussing, until we get something more concrete to talk about.

That's my opinion, for what it's worth.

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I don't care how much NoNexus trashes the N4. N4 FTW!
That being said, I respect him because he can back up his statements, even if his opinions are wrong some of the time :D

Nexus 4 FTW!! And, yeah, I don't agree with everything he says, but I do respect his opinion all the same.

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Blockbuster was a failed tech on it's own. They were done in by Netflix and not seeing the way the industry was going soon enough.

A Sprint / T-Mobile merger will only benefit Sprint. All of us T-Mobile users will have to deal with the failure that is Sprint.

Talking about company take over fails. Remember Nextel?

Net subscriber gain for all carriers over the last 20 years is -100%. So what? You can goose the numbers any way you like. Two years ago T-Mobile's fate was in flux due to the AT&T takeover attempt. They weren't going to gain subscribers during this period. T-Mobile is on the up-swing despite the naysayers.

Says the same guy who "knew" the specs of the S4 weeks before it was announced, changed his story on what it would wouldn't have every time he made a statement, and was wrong on virtually all accounts. Says the same guy who claimed the G Flex wouldn't "make it to the States with those screen specs". Yeah, we should totally take your word for it.

I didn't say that

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He was replying to Richard, lol.

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I figured but wanted clarity

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Damn it this event begins exactly when my shift begins! I hope the article is a good summary!

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I switched to tmobile about 3 months ago and they gave me a $200 credit per line without turning in my phone. I just bought tmobile phones off swappa and sold my sprint phones. I still owe the etf from sprint but it is less than $150 for each line.

Switched family to T-Mobile a few weeks ago. Love the "Can I help you" honest dealing. Also, the time the store manager spent with my 86-yr-old mother introducing her to her smartphone was awesome.

This is a company I can like.

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I'll say that the chick who sold me my G2 was just as geeky as I was when it came to phones...I should hit that...

Our T-Mobile store is quite bad. Always packed, and their is not enough cs agents. Although, at Verizon all they ever do is sell you a more expensive plan.

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Nothing beats TMobile ever.And Mr.Legere.
@moonoverparma00 You don't like what Richard Yarrell says then quit stalking him.Douchebag.


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How am I stalking him??? I'm reading the same posts that he is so you make no sense. From reading the other comments, I'm not the only one who feels that way about his stupid carbon copy statements. Douchebag.

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Don't fall for it!!

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Go to the verge YouTube channel and click on their the verge live day 2

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Maybe when T-Mobile realizes folks travel outside the city they need a carrier that does that and that is ATT and vzw. Till then T-Mobile is AOL from the ninetys and dial up speeds.

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For once, you are


I love how he can say it is real time data, I suggest he look at the crowd sourced data and retract that statement.

Far and away Tmo is 4th with you look at sensorly.

Not spot on.

30Mbps up and 11Mbps down on my daughter's phone at her school today begs to differ. That's 4G LTE on a Note 2.

I'm now 20 miles south and am getting 14.84Mbps down and 2.75Mbps on HSPA+ via my Nexus 4.

If that's dial-up speed, I'd love to see what modem you were using.

I'm getting 15-20mb down and 3-4mb up on T-Mobile's HSPA+. My LTE on T-Mobile is between 25 and 35mb down and 10up during the day after 5 it gets faster. These are consistent speeds not spiked. Along with this I get real unlimited data with no throttling and throw in free hotspot, all for eighty five bucks a month. I put my Verizon account on suspension due to a over saturated network with the worst data speeds, I have a grandfathered acct hoping that Verizon improves, I was longer getting LTE on my Verizon account. T-Mobile has been the best Carrier in my city. I live in a suburb 7 miles from Boston. Try T-Mobile, you have nothing to loose. If you have T-Mobile service in your area you are nuts not to give them a try. I will never leave T-Mobile, they have been the fastest and most reliable Carrier I have ever been on.

CONFIRMED -> T-Mobile will be paying your ETF to move over to their network. I'm leaving Sprint - THANK YOU, John Legere!

One thing they left out when comparing to the Framily. He said it takes 7 lines on Sprint to get it down to $25 per line and only 4 on T-Mobile, but on Sprint you don't have to pay for all 7 of those lines. Your friends and family can all pile on with their individual accounts and everyone gets the savings. 7 different people with 7 different accounts each paying $45/month for unlimited talk, text, and data kicks ass. It's even better if you live in an area with good Sprint coverage.

Didn't know that. Thanks!

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No problem. And if you sign up for Sprint once the Framily plans go live, let me know and we can be Framily. I've got 2 lines, just need 5 more lines in a group :D

Yup, just 7 lines. The only restriction is that an existing account can't add another existing account to their Framily. They can only add new accounts within 14 days of that new account's sign up.