BBM for everybody hits version 2.0

We're not only at CESlive, we're at New Media Expo, and we're talking to Jeff Gadway about the brand new BBM 2.0 beta for Android. That includes BBM channels for broadcasting and interaction, voice calls for crystal clear audio, location sharing to let your contacts know where you are, but only for as long as you feel comfortable, and 100 new emoticons, 25 of which were chosen by the BBM users.

They're deservedly proud of the reliability of their "read" state, and of how they're working towards making a really great BBM experience that's also a really great Android experience.


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Live from NMX with BBM 2.0! Channels, voice calls, location sharing, and more!


Said every freaking WhatsApp user, yeah people cares about emoticons, you're not the whole world bro.

C'mon... who doesn't like emoticons? :)

People need to lighten up a bit. Everything doesn't have to be a battle.

At the end of the day, BBM is more messaging options for Android. Choice is a good thing (which is basically the Android motto!)

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More features are always a good thing! I don't use BBM, but, for those that do, this should be a pretty sizable and great update.

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Prepare for the flood of bb users telling us how much better this is than anything else

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Alright, fine... I'll put BBM back on my phone again, SHEESH...and then uninstall it in a week.

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Dang! Don't be so quick to hate, this is probably just a stepping stone for them. I mean haven't they got enough hate already! Lets try to be productive.

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I am interested to try out the voice aspect. I have the 100 minute plan from T-Mobile so this would help cut down on voice minutes.

Why is it that you say that? Clear hate on your part. I find the BBM app perfectly normal albeit lacking in one or two minor areas such as emoticons and the ability to create contact categories. Let those who want to use BBM use it and enough with the hate already.

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I personally prefer BBM, even though I can install a native Whatsapp or android version of other popular programs like Viber via Google Play. My main beef is that I don't like the fact that they use my phone number and the fact that they have access to my phonebook which then gets stored on a foreign computer server.

I also had an experience in which one of my friends phone number was recycled to another person, so I ended up having a conversation with a stranger. A little embarrassing.

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Psst... BBM grabs your phone number and stores it on a foreign server as well. Check your permissions dude.

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It doesn't. I registered my BBID to an email account which gets assigned a PIN.

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