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'A morning with Google+'

Google's ready to show the world some updates to its eve-growing social network, and an online event has been scheduled for tomorrow morning, Oct. 29, at 9.30am PDT (12.30pm EDT, 4:30pm GMT). There's no indication as to what the Google+ team will be revealing, but the scheduling of a live event suggests it could be something pretty significant.

And before anyone gets overexcited, future Android hardware and software is probably outside of the scope of this event. Nevertheless, we'll be watching live tomorrow morning, and we'll bring you full coverage of whatever's new in the world of Google+.

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Live Google+ updates event scheduled for tomorrow morning


I sure hope so. I would love to use it to its fullest

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Me too...hope Jerry is right. Not a fan of the SMS app for Facebook and would like to try it out for Hangouts. That way everything is under one app.

Hangouts 1.3 please???

Since this is specifically a Google+ update and not limited to something as minor as the Android app catching up to the recent iOS update... my fingers are crossed that Google Voice gets rolled into Hangouts with all features intact / improved.

Then again, any Hangouts related update is potentially cool and exciting.

Well the chrome extension DID get updated last Friday I think. It added permission for microphone and camera. It would be logical that they update Hangouts right before they announce 4.4 since we all saw hangouts is taking over SMS/MMS.

Did my post implying Jerry knows more than he's saying get moderated out?

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It is not a Nexus 5 announcement.

Just getting it in there

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MOAR NEXUS 5 NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is funny how people are managing to put Nexus 5 into ever single conversation in every single article.

I agree with you, that is why I figured I would get it out of the way

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Hey I tried

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Actually no "insider" source says its WON'T include Nexus announcements, like the last "evening with Google Play" event. Only a lot of bloggers who have been burned by the last disappointment. I'm thinking this could be it. It's too late for press invites so Google may just do it online this time, along with other integrations with Google+. And to stream it online indicates it is significant. Google+ alone wouldn't warrant live streaming and sending out mass invites...

"And to show you how well hangouts works integrating sms, here's a live demo on a Nexus 5"

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See. It is no wonder you get beaten

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How do you guys think this scenario will work:

User A has Hangouts set as default SMS app.

User B doesn't have hangouts on his/her device, but has it on desktop Chrome browser because Google kind of forced it on them. Also this user doesn't really use Chrome much.

User A send a message to User B.

Will the message get lost because it only went to the Chrome Hangouts plugin? Will it go to both SMS and the plugin? Will it only go SMS?

Perhaps we there will be a setting like "Send only as SMS"...

What do you guys think (just for fun, I know we can't know yet)?

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I think this is an excellent question. For me personally I use gchat and SMS for different kinds of messages with gchat being much more casual while I expect a text to get answered. I do like the idea of easier texting but I don't want this complicating how I communicate with people. That is far more important and if Google is heavy handed with their Google+ push they'll push me to another platform.

Pure guess.
Hangouts has D/R detection. My guess would be it goes to Hangouts first. If the user is not signed in to Hangouts on any device at that time, then it would go directly to SMS. If they are signed in, then it goes to Hangouts and if it isn't read within a certain amount of time (perhaps adjustable by the user) then it goes to SMS.
That's how I envision it working, but the Google folks are a lot smarter than me, I trust their skills.

The time limit thing could work. That would certainly mitigate the potential missed message. Something has to be done like that in some way or another because I would hate for my messages to get lost in a browser plugin just because it said they were logged in.

Simplest algorithm would be just always send it as an SMS and only take advantage of the other hangouts plugins if the recipient also has it as the default or doesn't have a phone number.

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All that said, if you are checking SMS and IM in the same place (Hangouts) like with WebOS, then does it matter which one it sends it to? If SMS and IMs both pop up on Hangouts, on phone, tablet and desktop, that's a pretty awesome thing, right?

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I doubt this will have anything to do with hangouts or anything else other than Google+...

They probably have too much stuff in the Kit Kat & N5 event to cover, and the Google+ updates/improvements were probably too minor to do it at the Kit Kat & N5 event which is probably already jam packed with announcements, demos, and such.

Oh when is that? So far never and hangouts sorta grew out from G+ so it isn't far fetched

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Well to me it makes more sense to show off the new Hangouts SMS/GV stuff with the Kit Kat unveiling, but still no one knows anything at this point...

Yes and no but I agree, we won't know until the am

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I think showing off ALL the features of Hangouts at the event would be great (it amazes me how many people don't know about the D/R watermarks), but I think it's more likely that it comes from the smaller event tomorrow morning. The change to the iPhone app didn't get a big event (or any event) and it seems like Android isn't highlighting changes to individual apps as much at the large events.

Asssuming the N5 and KitKat are announced on Wednesday, it's likely to be N5/KitKat focused. The big hope on the Hangouts update is that it will work with JB devices, so separating it out from the KitKat event makes sense for that reason as well.

Third, given the way Google likes to stagger the release of big updates, doing it tomorrow morning would let them get the Hangouts update rolling sooner and potentially finished before the KitKat update comes out.

Finally, I have decided to always assume that Jerry probably knows more than he says he does, so if he has "a gut feeling" about something that's going to be announced, I'm gonna roll with it until I see a really solid reason to go against it.

Duke nuke ' em 20

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I'm hoping for Hangouts with Google Voice calling like iOS so I can stop using the GrooveIP work around.

On the other hand that does worry me a bit. GroveIP required some volume settings changes for speaker and mic to get it to acceptable levels but works very well once it's setup despite being a third party solution. Will hangouts with voice kill GrooveIP and will it simply function out of the box in terms of audio with voice calling?

I don't care about Google+, but I'm curious about Hangouts, will the new Hangout only be in 4.4 or will it get pushed to older devices too?

My guess is it will be JB compatible, which is why it will be announced tomorrow instead of at the KitKat event. The N5/KitKat event will be all about that hardware and OS, a Jellybean compatible app update, cool as the features would be, would be out of place.

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I just got a weird pop up in hang out asking to confirm my phone # maybe this isn't new but it's the first I've seen it. Check screen shot on Twitter @baltimorebred

Sent from my Motorola side view pager 4-5683-968

Pretty sure that's old. I got something like that when I first switched to Hangouts.

If Samsung made penis implants, would they have TouchWiz? - dchawk81

They really need to update Hangouts to add SMS/MMS and gif support. I hope all of that happens tomorrow.

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