LG G3 stock keyboard

The LG G3's stock keyboard is set to receive an update that adds a host of new enhancements like emoji recommendations, bilingual word suggestions and gesture typing.

The emoji suggestion feature recommends the appropriate emoticon for a specific word. If you type home, for instance, the keyboard will suggest a home emoticon from the emoji database. This isn't the first time we've seen this kind of a feature in a manufacturer keyboard, as Sony uses similar suggestions in its stock keyboard.

The update brings a suggest feature that recommends the most commonly used words in the specific application. Also new is a feature that analyses your typing style over time to recommend the next word you are likely to type. In addition, LG is introducing a bilingual word suggestion that changes to the appropriate language automatically.

For fans of gesture typing, LG is rolling out a feature that allows you to type without lifting your finger off the keyboard. You can also easily select the appropriate words from the word preview by simply swiping up on the word.

Interested in using the smart keyboard on the LG G3? Head on over to our topic page to know when the device will be available in your country.


Reader comments

LG's smart keyboard for the G3 gets smarter with latest update


Agreed man, I'm using it now and it's so slow at times. I don't get it. Very large where other keyboards are not at all. The hard question is what to use instead that is as good? What do you recommend?

I'd really love to see LG support the G2 in the same way and send an update to the keyboard there. I'm not expecting them to put the whole new G3 skin on my G2, but the smaller things could be sent to us G2 users.

Hello Harish, Any info about the G3 launch date in INDIA???.. its really a frustrating wait. with the phone having launched in all major markets except india.

MIne got here as well, Got a text at 12:15 saying it was shipped, and at 12:35 the UPS man was knocking at the door with the phone., So apparently they shipped it yesterday and didn't inform me

nice, I had no idea until a package was handed to me. Saw my CC was charged last night so I guess I should have been monitoring that

Great keyboard but why don't LG put it out for all Android phones for a few dollars, seems like a way to entice people to LG and potential revenue stream.

I will all OEMs would do this with their customizations which don't have hardware dependencies, that way they could see how good or bad their apps actually are (including home screen replacements)...

Well because all the hype about this keyboard has carried and the only way to get it is to buy a G3 and thats what they want you to buy a £600 phone rather than a £3 keyboard

LOVE my LG's stock keyboard. I'm typing with it on my G3 right now. Its gesture typing and symbol integration makes typing so convenient.