LG's Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones going on sale this month

Announced back at CES 2014, the LG Lifeband Touch fitness band and LG Heart Rate Earphones are due to go on sale this month. The Lifeband Touch, with its curved OLED display and motion-tracking sensors is due to hit shelves on May 18th, as are the heart-rate-tracking Bluetooth-connected Heart Rate Earphones (such an inspired name there).

Both will connect to your Android or iOS device through LG's own fitness app, as well as MyFitnessPal or Runkeeper.

The Lifeband Touch is a fairly standard approach to the fitness band, offering notifications and music control in addition to motion tracking via a tri-axis accelerometer and altimeter. The Heart Rate Earphones, however, are an interesting approach to what others like Samsung have insisted on building into a bulky wrist-based wearable. Many run with headphones anyway, so why not take advantage of all the blood flowing through those ears to catch your pulse, right?

With a launch next week and broad compatibility, who's interested in picking up an LG Lifeband Touch or LG Heart Rate Earphones?


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LG's Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Earphones going on sale this month


Heat rate earphones are a great idea, if they work. Colour me interested!

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Is there a link to price or where this articles original source is, so we can get a bit more information?

The bottom of the CES article (God that seems like a long time ago) mentioned a price of ~$180/ea. Bit pricey, but, for the engineering involved in the [in ear] headphones especially, totally understand.

More interested in this as a notification device than fitness tracker. There are a billion devices monitoring steps, but few that allow you to easily see notifications and txt messages without being bulky.

Pandora controls? I really want something that allows me to control Pandora without pulling my phone from my pocket.

what BS is that obviously LG was workign on it first or apple would have a product to show for it.. yet... here we go, LG gonna get sued in 3, 2....

I am DOWN for those headphones but they MUST have a couple things: 1. sound good (LG has good headphones so i am not too worried), 2. must STAY CONNECTED TO MY PHONE... my last bluetooth headset from LG wont stay connected...to anything (tried 6 different phones), 3. HR sensor must work, ALL THE TIME, not some of the time, not most the time. It does me no good if i have to stop workign out or running cause the HR monitor isnt working. But really, LG usually makes good stuff, i think this will be no exception

I agree, but does this mean the fitness band does not record heart-rate? I like the music controls, touch screen, etc. but if the band NEEDS connectivity to the headphones to record it, I will be hoping the LG watch can. But that's obviously a far off wish. I might be sitting this "fitness band" thing out for a while until someone makes a great interface for ALL phones, and MULTIPLE app synchronization, and can be utilized beyond just fitness because my workouts are not that long in the day, I kick my ass in there and I know it because I can feel my heart rate pounding all over my body. Plus, my GS5's monitoring system does what I want, but just more...inconvenient, but I'll have to get over it and be rewarded for my patience I feel. Here is to hoping the LG Lifeband has more to show than just the small description given so far.

Got myself a Lifeband Touch yesterday in Bestbuy. Availability seems to be miserable (at best). Today it appears again as "pre-order" on Bestbuy. Basic functionality is as promised.Tthe text notifications work well and the music player controls too. I just haven't figured out how the integration with myfitnesspal works. It is connected and the LG app posts calorie adjustments to myfitnesspal. But they are not related to any of my settings there... so I'm still trying to figure that aspect out (the on that is the most important for me...).