LG WCP-300 Wireless Charger.

Wireless charging one day will take over the world. Someday. Maybe next week. Maybe not. Eventually, perhaps.

OK, nobody's getting rid of microUSB chargers anytime soon. So to that end we'll keep plowing our way through wireless Qi chargers. When we first saw the LG WCP-300 Wireless Charger (we picked ours up for $39 at Verizon) at Mobile World Congress, it was a pretty unassuming puck. It's smallish (about 2.7 inches in diameter) and is just a bit thicker than the phone you're going to charge it with. The included travel charger is rated at 1.8A, and the puck itself takes that down to 1A. So if you want a faster charge, you'll need to plug in. But wireless charging has always been more about convenience than speed. (The party line is that the WCP-300 will charge a 1500 mAh battery in less than 4 hours.)

So, one puck, one phone. Plug in the microUSB cable, plop a phone on top of it, and you're charging. There's an LED indicator light that doesn't do a whole lot of good unless you place your phone on the puck sideways -- it's hidden, otherwise -- but doing so just looks odd. The face of the puck is matte black. It's ringed in glossy plastic, and the bottom's got four rubber feet that keeps things nicely in place. 

If you're going to delve into the world of wireless charging, you need to know up front that you'll be paying a little bit of a premium. Paying $39 to charge your phone isn't small potatoes. But the LG WCP-300 is a slim and stylish charging puck. In fact, it's probably going to end up in my travel bag, just because. 

We've got more pics after the break.

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Lanhoj says:

Might give this a try. It can't be worse than the Nokia one - charges my N4 under 15%/hour making it pretty much useless & VZW wanted to charge a 35$ restocking fee off my 50$ purchase the following day...so I just kept it but it hasn't seen the light of day ever since.

dmatherl says:

That's called a sunk cost. $15 is better than something never being used.

camiller says:

ebay it

They don't charge restock fees on accessories

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4 hours for 1500mah??? Even though the charger is 1A? Im assuming that wireless charging cuts that down more due to efficiency. Still $40 is too steep Im waiting tell they get under $20.

i1der says:

i wish i personally knew you to give you 20 bucks and cut your wait, maybe you wont have same phone by then.

PetrBa says:

They can take the world one day but not for these prices. I would buy it for 25$.

Not as pretty as "The Orb" but functionally seems better.

TimmyB says:

This is the ONE thing I truly miss about my webOS phones. I'd come home (or get to work), slap my phone on the thing, the magnets aligned it, and DONE. I can't believe that it's so hit-and-miss in the Android world.

I also have an HP Touchpad, with cyanogenmod 9 running on it, which is still using the inductive charging base. I never have to use the usb cable, unless I need it charged a little quicker, which is almost never.

Incubus123 says:

The magnet solution is patented!

cowpen says:

It's not unheard of for royalties to paid for an effective solution. I have the LG WCP-300... it works OK, but I really miss my Touchstone.

jimbo says:

Really Phil? Why in the world would you carry an extra unnecessary item in your travel bag that you have to find an extra hotel room outlet for use when you're sleeping instead of using the USB charger you're going to also put in your travel bag?

I'm struggling to make sense of your statement. I didn’t get that you were jesting. Family room or in your case your office, where you wouldn't want to constantly plug and unplug, I would understand.

Besides that, you seem to be using the HTC One consistently.

jj2me says:

It wouldn't take an extra outlet, as this one is powered by micro-USB. He'd take along the puck because he prefers (slower) wireless charging (with its easy-on, easy-off use when charging) vs. USB charging.

Not to mention this thing is little, under 3 in. in diameter, not going to take up much space at all.

Because I carry around so much crap already, I probably won't notice this little puck. I like the convenience, even when (and maybe especially when) in a hotel room.

TLB69 says:

Sorry for the nob question,but does the One have wireless chrging?

jimbo says:

No TLB69. No wireless charging the HTC One because of the aluminum unibody. No loss. This technology is haphazard at best and expensive. . Only correctly designed with the Palm Pre.

Robbzilla says:

Why don't they make these things more like a cradle than a puck? Slightly raised edges that conforms to the phone they're selling? I mean, it would keep the phones from sliding off after all.

camiller says:

Then you have to have a different one for every phone you are selling.

jdm4u says:

For $20 less than the Nexus 4 charger sounds like a better deal. Also don't have to deal with the phone sliding off since it's flat.

hmmm says:

This looks decent and the phone won't fall off it. Is there some sort of kit to retrofit my galaxy s 3 for one of these?

There are back doors that you can buy to make the s3 wireless charging capable, and also some DIY methods.

roninksb says:

There are also, inserts that you can buy on Amazon and else were to fit under your existing S3 battery door. Here is a link: http://www.amazon.com/Aftermarket-Product-Wireless-Charger-Receiver/dp/B...

jerrykur says:

Does anyone know if it works with a Droid DNA?

I have a vertical QI charger now that works well with the DNA and case, but I want to put the charger and phone into a drawer so I need a flat charger.

moosc says:

I can't wait for this charger. http://www.tylt.com/vu/

Also im reading allot comments for cheaper price. Just to funny every one today is expecting hand out.

Neo42 says:

No one is expecting a handout. Even a very basic understanding of what is actually inside these chargers should set off the ripoff alarm. As for the Vu, it looks awesome but at $70 you're paying about $65 more than it costs to produce.

angryGTS says:

Hmm, just like cell phones.......rather cheap to make and the full retail price is about 5 times more than what it costs to make a unit.....

Neo42 says:

Seems like a trimmed down WCP-700. So glad I picked one up at discount before they went extinct. Wouldn't mind an extra for work but anything over $25 for this thing is simply a ripoff.

planoman says:

+1! I love my WCP-700 for my Nexus 4 and Note 2! It sure charges faster than this one!

sly says:

So has anyone bought one of these from eBay yet? $31 shipped to the US from HK. Same specs as the LG with a 1A output. I think its larger/flatter surface may be a better design.


olagon says:

I have. The light is too bright to keep charging at night. Also, can't charge my N4 with a case one. I have to remove the case before it connects. Otherwise, works as advertised.

vansmack says:

Phil - I assume you use this with your N4, correct? Does it not "walk" off the charging disc like it does on other hard surfaces?

I have the Energizer Pad with the natural slope and without a bumper, it simply won't stay on. Even sometimes when I have leveled it I wake up the next morning and it has slipped off.


Got 2 of these for my son's N4, $29 after my 25% discount at VZW. Better than the Nokia we tried for his N4. Hope to add a few Qi pads to our S3's and maybe get a DNA or hope to wait for DNA2. We have one in family room and one in son's room. Nice charger!

Warrenisit says:

Love the write up on this one! ;)

ChromeJob says:

Actually the Nexus charger (WCP-400) charges my N4 at up to 780mA, that's as good as many wired chargers will ever do. 20% to 100% in less than 3 hours. Measured (Battery Monitor Widget Pro), and repeatable. I wouldnt expect less from this one. (No slipping off, either.)

So for effective charging, dont be so sure these wont cure you of the wired dinosaurs. Of course, if you take the phone off the puck repeatedly to check messages, charge time WILL increase. That's what I love about my four (yes, four) Nexus chargers. Phone is at a good display angle...

PoCoZ says:

I'd like to know where you found it for that cheap. Google is turning up prices around $70.00!

Nexusmaniac says:

is this charger available in the UK?


Verizon has them for $39. I got a DNA now so the 2nd LG I bought for my son's N4 is now on my nightstand and he has one on his. He noticed it wasn't downstairs anymore. Lol. I may order another one or look for a dual pad.

ahmedaws says:

it's a good

Nexusmaniac says:

I ordered one from Korea and it arrived in 5 days, I've had it for 3 weeks and it's fantastic with the nexus 4

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The Nokia one charges my 928 in about 45 minutes.

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anon2843418 says:

This may sound like a dumb question. Does it work with the Galaxy SIII? According to VZW's website compatible devices include the GSIII. Can anybody confirm? Thanks.

ChromeJob says:

I picked up one of these for $20 shipped on dailysteals.com last weekend. I loves gettin' good Qi chargers on the cheap.