New version expected to borrow specs from the G2, keep the same odd form factor.

LG is purportedly planning a new edition of its oddly-shaped Optimus Vu lineup with a larger display and more powerful internals for later this year. Just as we've seen with the LG G2, the Vu III will drop the "Optimus" branding and pick up some very high-end specs. According to the Korean Daily, the LG Vu III will have a 5.2-inch 960x1280 display keeping the same 4:3 aspect ratio that its predecessors are known for.

On the inside, the Vu III wil have the same Snapdragon 800 chipset as the G2, along with a 13MP camera and support for LTE-Advanced networking. Reports peg the release for IFA 2013, which could make things interesting if it shows up right alongside Samsung's expected launch of the Galaxy Note 3.

Source: Asiae; Via: GSMarena

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themuffinman says:

Really LG? Who are buying these 4:3 aspect ratio devices?

hodan says:

IPad anyone?

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+1 exactly

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themuffinman says:

Come on dude, I am sure you know what I mean. We are talking about a smartphone here not a tablet.

TheDu9du says:

The other day I saw one in the wild, it made me almost puke. I think I did a little in my insides.

IPad owners such as myself.

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Orna Mintal says:

I would! Actually, the 4:3 aspect ratio is better than 16:9 when it comes to reading ebooks and web browsing.

oh lord...... *shakes head*** not again! LG does have balls tho. lol

Ry says:

Maybe they didn't fail as badly in Korea with 4:3.

Actually it sold quite well over there

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dante501 says:

Well seems like that there are ppl that have a more open mind and not stuck in a Box thinking. Respect. Other ppl could learn from that.

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radgatt says:

Honestly, I don't even remember the Vu II

droidhead_1 says:

I was thinking the same thing

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NoNexus says:

Had to look it up because I didnt either. Apparently it was a South Korean only thing.

jwyche007 says:

Nice to see LG doing stuff even Samsung doesn't have the balls to try but you have to wonder what's the market for this. I feel like this would make a lot more sense if this was an 8 inch tablet though.

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Ry says:

That's odd. Look at how many devices Samsung actually sells. They've got the balls to make it all as well.

They have the brains to avoid making a product that won't sell.

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JR A says:

Why couldn't they make this a 6" device or even a 5.8 to compete with the Samsung Mega?

This is basically a G2 with a different aspect ratio; everything else is pretty much the same.

s2weden2000 says:

it will have a stylus...

Ry says:

Is this the LG Intuition II for Verizon?

It probably would be if they bother to picking it up. The first one sold very poorly and a lot of stores still have excess stock. A lot of people are so closed minded.

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I have the Intuition now and its a great phone. Hijacked my wife's RAZR M though because I can't handle being stuck on ICS

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smooth3006 says:

Cant stand lg.

birdman_38 says:


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rampage1979 says:

If you havnt tried LG's most recent phones like the Optimus G and G pro and the Nexus 4 than your missing out they are very smooth operating phones with tons of built in customizations built into the ui and also great hardware.

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dante501 says:

Even the 4x I think with that device LG showed that they can deliver and make good devices and even update them.

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SteveIowa says:

Let's not forget, the Pixel runs this aspect ratio, and so do many cameras.
That said, I thought we were done with going in this direction? Its Not for me.

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Ry says:

I thought the Chromebook Pixel is 3:2.

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Maggnus says:

very good for Qualcomm. Every respectable phone is using Chip.

Nice product. Hopefully the stylus will have its dock this time inside the phone!

WOWOW... A GIANT DWARF???? LG has gone MAD....

scaots says:

I like a wider screen as it works well for a lot of content, but the resolution is still lagging way behind for today's specs. They need to step up to 1600x1200 for this to compete.

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