Optimus 4X HD

LG has just announced the Optimus 4X HD, its fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth new Android phone to be announced in recent days. (Previously announced: the Optimus 3D MAX, Optimus 3D Cube, Optimus L3, L5 and L7, Optimus Vu and the Optimus LTE Tag.) This one looks to be the cream of the crop, and based on hardware it looks like a stunner.  Combine awesome specs with Ice Cream Sandwich and you have our attention. Speaking of specs:

  • 1.5GHz 4-PLUS-1 Tegra3 processor
  • 4.7-inch "True HD" IPS display (720p resolution)
  • 16 GB Internal storage
  • 1GB DDR2 RAM
  • 8MP rear camera with flash; 1.3MP front camera
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich)

We'll see this one soon in Barcelona, and you can bet that we'll get our greasy hands on it for some camera time. 

On thing to note, while this all lines up well with the rumors about the O4XHD, LG and T-Mobile are still mum about any G4X version that may be in the works. We'll poke around and see if anyone has anything to say about that one as well. Just a couple more days, folks.

Source: LG Korea (Korean)


Reader comments

LG unveils the Optimus 4X HD ahead of Mobile World Congress


Probably daughters of some of the LG upper management in the US or Europe.
(so be nice, they aren't "pros" )

I rarely post anything in the comments, but I logged in specifically this morning to see if anyone else noticed this very thing. They barely look any older than my 13 year old daughter.

I didnt know LG's ad dept. invested in child labor, jeez.
Anyways, why does the device on the right appear to be bigger than a 4.7in device? My DX is 4.3in and the one on the right looks almost SG Note sized

The best part about dating a girl with small hands is that when she is holding something in her hands it can make it look huge.

Hey, if their old enough to build them in an underground volcano factory, they are old enough to model them.

Well can ya blame me? I haven't looked at an iphone in literally months, but I've been eyeballing the Razr hard on verizon's website.

All I gotta say is, the model on the right looks like she is ready to be done with this stupid job and stupid phone.

Its not so much that she doesn't want to be there, its just that her mom is waiting out front to take her to soccer practice, and she doesnt want to be late.

Love that there are no physical buttons. This looks to be an amazing phone. Maybe Verizon will get this the same time all the carriers do, too.

I would prefer soft buttons and a more vanilla ICS, but this sure seems like a REALLY NICE PHONE!!!
Anyways, I'm still going for the gnex

Just like the G2X and the Amaze 4G, T-Mobile has a phone that is top drawer, but will be more money than the average Joe wants to spend and it will go down in flames. This happens everytime T-Mobile gets a high-end phone. They make a big splash out of the gate then the thing fades faster then yesterday's mashed potatoes. Look at the Amaze... not 2 weeks after I got it, it ends up on the EOL list. What a joke. Same with the G2X. Both of those phones were sold as being the "best" that T-Mobile had. Yet shortly after release T-Mobile acted like the phones never existed. Sadly, the same fate will befall this phone. Samsung, T-Mobiles' most favored manufacturer, will hit with a new version of the Galaxy and the LG Optimus 4X will fall from grace faster than you can blink your eye. I have been with T-Mobile for many years, just beware that this is their typical mode of operation.

I think they skimped on paying for "models" and hired the cute teenage girls of some of their USA Employees to appear "trendy" and not typical Asian models all the other booths will have.
The first pic of them, (from a couple of days ago) they both looked like a typical teen when their parents were taking a picture of them before some event like Prom, or first day of High School. "MOM! YOU DO NOT NEED TO TAKE MY PICTURE!"
At least the one on the left smiled in this pic. The one on the right is thinking, the she better get a CAR out of this humiliation having to stand there with a phone that isn't an iPhone.

As to the phones themselves, I am not sure I would buy an LG "high end" phone. I have never gotten a "high end" vibe from that company. I've seen some of their entry level products and they were just fine to use, if not particularly snazzy.