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LG's G Pad 8.3 tablet could be headed to Verizon in the U.S., based on info from a recent FCC filing. Details of the LG-VK810, described in the official documents as a "portable tablet," show it as a device with LTE support on Bands 4 + 13 — the freqs used by Verizon — and with dimensions matching those of LG's existing G Pads.

These latest details corroborate info posted by Twitter leaker @evleaks last week, stating that the G Pad was indeed Verizon-bound.

If the G Pad 8.3 does show up on Verizon in the near future, customers would be getting a compelling mid-sized tablet with a Snapdragon 600 processor, a 1920x1200-resolution display and a metal-based chassis — though they'd also have to deal with LG's polarizing, brightly-colored Android UI. Check out our review, linked below, for the full picture.

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Source: FCC via PhoneArena, @evleaks


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LG tablet with Verizon LTE hits FCC, could be the G Pad 8.3


To me it just looks like it's precariously balanced on a railing or fire escape or something at least 2 floors up from the street lol. Like, one tiny breeze and it'll fall 40 feet to it's death!

I own this tablet, it's fantastic, and who cares about LG's skin, I use Nova Launcher.

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I have both versions of the G Pad and love them, but both will be on eBay as soon as this comes out.

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