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The original LG Spectrum on Verizon wasn't exactly a blockbuster, but was an important mid-range staple nonetheless. Verizon looks to be following it up with a second iteration, as a Best Buy page has just gone live spilling the beans on the device. The Spectrum 2 will have a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.7-inch 720x1280 display, 8MP/1.3MP cameras, MicroSD card slot and of course LTE.

The Spectrum 2 really looks to be a bit of a mash-up between the original Spectrum and the Optimus G that we've seen as of late, bringing design cues and specs from each. The price listed on Best Buy is at $649 unsubsidized -- which isn't surprising -- but what will really be interesting is how Verizon prices this with a 2-year commitment.

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LG Spectrum 2 outed on Best Buy website


Wow, I need a life, I'm first!!!! Is this the "normal" phone from LG for Verizon? Not that cutting board shaped one, that is actually cool kinda

Spec'd exactly like the Motorola Droid Razr HD. I think Verizon just muddied the waters for their perspective customers

This announcement just seems a little weird to me. It's not exciting, but it is comparable to the high-end phones... In any case, the specs look much nicer than a mid-range phone! Somehow I just don't think this phone will be memorable due to its name as well as the probable lack of advertisements.

Just Amazing..

Just 90 days ago the S3 was "THE High End Phone" to have.. and now.. It's been reduced to Mid-Range status.. along with this 4.7" Dual-Core 1.5 Gig Phone.. I would be sick to my stomach if I sprung the $200.00 or worse Retail Price for the S3.. Its a fine phone but it's been reduced to "Mid-Range" Status buy the Flagship Phones.. HOX+, Note2, Nexus4 and the HTC-DLX in just 90 days..Damn.. All hail the Quad-Core BEAST..

It's exactly the reason I don't understand all the mid range phones always coming out. All they have to do is move the old high end devices down the line. Yet every manufacture will put out 10 throw away devices destined to get minimal support.

The speed of mobile tech is crazy right now. Motorola just released a great trio of devices although I see no reason for the non Maxx HD phone but all with last quarters hottest specs. I would still consider the Maxx if I were on Verizon but not for $299 put the S4 pro in there and it's the best phone on the market in my opinion.

At least Samsung was smart enough to throw in that extra gig of RAM in the GS3.

I'd only see this as worth it or a worthy little brother to the Optimus G if it has a Snapdragon S4 MSM8960T. That SoC has a dual core CPU, and the Adreno 320 GPU that is used in the quad core APQ8064.