Although the LG G3 hasn't quite fully been unveiled as of yet, LG hasn't really made it a secret that it's coming next week. They've already dropped one official video teasing the upcoming announcement and now they've dropped another. This time around though it's more in the accessory department as it offers up a look at what LG has called the Quick Circle Case.

The folder-style case lets users enjoy various features of their G3 without ever having to open the cover. Users can check the time, place calls, send text messages, take photos, listen to music or get an update of their health directly from the circular window. More stylish than traditional rectangular-windowed smartphone cases, LG's Quick Circle Case comes in five eye-catching colors: Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Aqua Mint, Indian Pink. The case is designed to protect the side edges of the G3 and provide the best "grip-ability" while maintaining the G3's original sleek lines.

If that's not enough to entice you then you should know it also offers wireless charging through the built-in Qi compatibility and LG has noted they'll also be providing an SDK next month so that developers can tap into the system to add customized functions with the Quick Circle case.

We've already seen the case pop up in the Android Central forums but this is a better look at it and no doubt we'll get some hands-on time with one soon. In the meantime though, what do you all think of the case? Must have or giving it a pass?


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LG shows off their new Quick Circle case for the G3


HEY! Some people don't ever get to be first in their life ok! Let him enjoy his 'first' post for a while :]

First idiot? First child? First pathetic post? First moron? First at not being able to say something worthy of a true first post? First what?

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I was one of those so interested in this phone, In fact I had listed my S5 online for sale to purchase this. But S801 with that screen res? I'll pass and wait note 4.

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Im kind of in the same boat as you, but I ill make my decision once I see the phone and witness its speed first hand before passing judgement, I would recommend you to do the same, but to each his own.

I don't understand folks like you that complain about something you have no way of telling how it makes a difference. You just want specs. The 801 will work just fine with that screen and the typical massive batteries LG uses. Calm down.

LG G watch R was recently unveiled and will be available this coming 4th quarter of 2014. "R" is for round. so yeah, it will be better looking than the square one

Well the article states that they will open up the sdk for developers to add more apps to it so there is that.

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In the story "LG has noted they'll also be providing an SDK next month so that developers can tap into the system to add customized functions with the Quick Circle case". So it should be coming.

Big Nexus fan but if I could see a puppy drive a Ferrari.....take my phone....after I video it and said video backs up to the cloud.....

I had the flip cover for my G2 and over time it scratches the screen where the cutout is. Hopefully this version does not have the same design flaw.

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Agreed! I have it on my Lumia 920, and I don't miss searching for the micro usb cable that fell on the floor behind my nightstand.

Ok wait a minute, why would you want or use this. Why not just not have a flip cover and use the phone? Is it really that hard to double tap the screen on these?

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Ugh.. Rather stupid looking I think. This only makes sense if the square window is patented or something.

It's probably less of a patent issue and more of a brand differentiation thing. LG phones look enough like Samsung phones as it is. If nothing else, the circle view is visually distinctive.

Agree it's to be different, but the G/N4, G2/N5 look nothing like a Sammy device. Especially the G2/G3. Have to give you the G Pro though.

Was excited but when I saw that 801...

I'll have to wait and see how the LG G3 performs, because it seems that the screen will drain battery and the phone won't last as long as the LG G2.

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While I understand some of the concern over the battery drain, it will not affect the performance. People are really getting too worked up about this combo. The good news is that the battery appears to be user replaceable so you can carry a spare...

NO ! NO! NO!!!
Not The 801 !!!! Argghh!!!! Why Oh Why Does It Not Have The 805! It Won't Run! It's Going To Lag!
Oh No It's...
Wait !
That means a *Prime* G3 will come out in the fall with the 805 / 420 setup ! Oh Joy!
I'll Wait..

I doubt that LG would deliberately equip their flagship with a laggy combo. Let's just wait and see.

I was just joking with NoNex..
Of course it's not going to lag.. I just think they rushed this to market and should have waited a little longer and implemented the 805 / 420 to go with 1440P Quad-HD.

People that think that the G3 will lag because of 801 4k combo. I doubt that LG would deliberately equip their flagship with a laggy combo. Let's just wait and see.

They're idiots who know nothing and make up everything and then perpetuate it to other idiots.

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I like this a lot. I hate using flip cases because they get in the way. This would make it a lot better

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Now I'm just confused about the wireless charging capabilities of this phone.

1. Didn't the versions of the phone that just passed through the FCC support wireless charging, presumably without a flip cover?

2. How would a flip cover add wireless charging? New back plate?

Ha there is a mini view finder for the camera! I am not crazy. Using the LG g2 quickwindow case and love it. If I upgrade to the g3, the new circle case will be a sure thing for me.


How about making a high-end smaller phone, LG? Why do we need to carry a 5.5 inch behemoth around, and spend our time on a fraction of that screen? If usability is the main purpose here, why not bring to the market, a smaller, 4.3 - 4.7 inch smartphone for people who aren't afraid of dropping their phone, since it can be easily held AND handled with one hand?

I'm sorry, but this is just stupid. Making phones bigger and bigger and then realizing the we need a smaller version of them.

people with small hands are the only ones who need small phones. why not try holding the g3. its is comfortable for its size.

Glad the camera function is there. Hope it magnetically closes like the poetic slimline cases. The flip cover for my g2 just flaps open and is really kind a waster @ almost $50

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Also the back of the phone seems a bit curved I hope they don't run into the M8 cover problem where it just acts like a spring.

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Anyone been able to purchase the case in the US? I have an AT&T model and I want to enable wireless charging.

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Finally found the culprit. This case drains the battery out of my G3. been using G3 for a month with the Quick Circle case and the battery power barely reach a day. However, when i switched to its original back cover with the quick circle option disbled on the seetings, the battery performance improved. im not putting that case back again.