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LG has finally spilled the beans on the official specs of their weird interesting 5-inch 4:3 smartphone, the Optimus Vu: II. This is the latest model of the Vu available in the domestic market -- which for LG is Korea -- and some of the specs are bumped up a bit from what we know as the original Optimus Vu and LG Intuition here in the states, such as the battery, RAM and processor:

  • 2150mAh removable battery, up from 2080mAh
  • 2GB RAM, up from 1GB
  • External SDcard slot added
  • Snapdragon S4 Plus 1.5Ghz dual-core processor, up from Snapdragon S3
  • 5-inch 768x1024 IPS display
  • LTE connectivity, including VoLTE
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Rubberdium Pen 2.0

As is the case on the first Vu, LG is including a stylus dubbed "Rubberdium Pen 2.0" that offers a finer point for more precise input -- and from our translation of the Korean press release, it seems as though the pen can be stored inside the device like the Samsung Galaxy Note. LG is also touting the ability of the Optimus Vu: II to use VoLTE (Voice Over LTE). Although here in the states we're probably going to be waiting for a while for VoLTE, LG is getting it ready for their local market. VoLTE provides higher voice quality potential, and supports simultaneous voice and data.

Source: LG Newsroom Korea


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LG releases official Optimus Vu: II specs, confirms VoLTE


Hmm. Awesome! I know people are very mixed on the 4:3 ratio, but I love it; provides more of a tablet feel, which is more useful to me. This addressed my two main issues with the Intuition (Vu) - the old S3 processor and the pen holder. If its released (relatively soon) in the US, it very well might be my next phone.

Just be prepared for some apps to show as incompatible with that resolution on the play store, I find that annoying enough on my Note even when it is just a handful because the screen is 1280x800 instead of the more common 1280x720 (Though not even close to annoying enough to want to switch phones).

*double facepalm*

The Intuition (or the Vu in Asia) was an abysmal failure. It's LG's tragic tale to think this could be used as a phone. Second, it's a horror to think what LG think's about how most Android app's are going to scale to this (games and ratio-specific apps like SpeedTest). Third, it's one of the most hideously designed phone and software I've ever seen.

It's tough to say whether or not LG is putting the user first, because as much as they want to believe that they will be a blast with this device (which won't considering the first Vu), LG is making mistakes that really are plain stupid.

EDIT: Also, if they are trying to compete with the Galaxy Note, what features are they offering above it? And what's with that nonstandard resolution (weird middleman between qHD and HD)? The Vu line just seems to be LG thoughtlessly putting out devices because other companies are. Instead of investing in some real hardware and UX professionals in it's smartphone line, it's chosen to fight with specs, which is the wrong way forward. Complementary hardware must go with complementary software, and the Vu's specs contradict with the norm and standard that Android is usually based on. It will fail.

Apparently it sold and was received well in the market it was designed for, so no not really a failure.

This thing really wouldn't be THAT bad as a phone. Asus and Samsung are just about ready to try to convince you to use a stylus and a tablet as a phone, now that would be tragic.

The aspect ratio shouldn't be a problem This is not the first android device with a 4:3 aspect ratio, and I don't think it'll be the last

It's not a Note rival, it's not a volume product. It's supposed to be some kind of weird smartphone, tv viewer, reader thing for the Korean market. That's why it has the 4:3 aspect ratio and the antenna that comes on the korean version. It fulfills it's intended purpose(s) pretty nicely from what I've heard. Why they bother selling it outside of Korea I have no idea, but hell I guess they'll take whatever sales they can get.

sidebar... Samsung's Note Line is a phone. It has everything a phone needs to have and more. All these Manufacturers and different phones they make are choices and having a plethora of choices is great so 5.5 inch screen on a phone is just that, a different screen size not really trying to turn a tablet into a phone by doing that. also Samsung doesn't what you to use a stylus . IT'S CALLED THE S PEN!!! :o) LOL stylus lol do they even make those anymore? lol

I do agree with you, LG would't put out a product if there wasn't a market for it. If it was just to put out something to go against the note, they wouldn't have kept the second VU the same style and size. I wouldn't mind having one at a good price but I'm not on Verizon.

I was referring to the note 10.1 which most certainly is a tablet, not the other Note.
And until they start paying me to do otherwise, im referring to it as a stylus each and everytime. :p

Verizon just pulled a tmodile stunt, selling as new a phone with a 1 month alway of getting replace. Ohh no verizon is use to this crap, poor Vu owner will now fill the pain of us the bionic buyer.

Had to go into a Verizon store to request a replacement unit and saw the Intuition in the corner. It's way too wide.

Note to LG:

Make a five inch VU with a 16x9 or 16x10 ratio screen, put stock Jellybean or your lightest skin on it and give it your beautiful industrial design. People will buy!

Yes, that would be a phone that would appeal to most people, but the 4:3 ratio is what makes this phone attractive to me (and others that would be interested); it's not a phone for everybody. While you (and others) may think its too wide, it is perfect for me who only talks on the phone 1 to 2 times a day, but spends a good amount of time on web pages and documents, using it more as a PDA (The 4:3 ratio is close to the same as a standard piece of letter size paper).

Currently, I use a phone for calls but a Nexus 7 for my work, requiring me to carry 2 devices. The Nexus 7 (with its 7" screen) is easier to view documents due to its screen size, which is obviously too big for a phone; but even with the 16:10 ratio, the screen is 3.71" wide. With the 4:3 ratio, the 5" Vu/Intuition has a screen width of 3", the widest of any "phone" (Even the Note II, with its 'larger' 5.5" screen, has a width of only 2.69" due to the fact that it has a 16:9 ratio). While you could turn a 16:9 phone on its side(into landscape)and be wider than 3", have you ever tried to edit a word file in landscape? (You get less than an inch of text because the amount of space the keyboard takes up. Not very useful).

While not as large as my Nexus 7, having a 3" wide screen would potentially allow me to carry ONE device to do everything, something that I would LOVE to do (and kinda the purpose of smartphones, in general). I am glad the LG is stepping outside the box on this one. I am ok running some apps in letterbox mode and even fine looking like an idiot if I have to answer a rare call. Both would be better than having to carry, charge, and keep up with 2 devices.

The VU has been out for months it just that Verizon is releasing it here now. What i don't understand is that I believe the VU2 was rumored before the first one was even released. If this was true then Verizon was dumb to not ask or find out. Then the Intuition could have been the VU2.