LG Optimus S benchmark

The fellows behind the ThundeROM for the LG Optimus have cranked things up a notch, and have the benchmarks to prove it.  They have edited, tweaked, and monkeyed the system and taken the Optimus from a good, entry-level Android smartphone to a pocketable  fire-breathing dragon that can hold it's own against most devices sold today.  You don't have to take my word for it, just head into the forums and have a look at the results -- results nobody would have though possible from a free (or almost free) Android phone.

Want Need your LG Optimus to sprout wings?  You can make it happen right here for the Optimus S, and here for the Optimus T.  [Android Central forums] Thanks KSmithInNY and Beezy!


Reader comments

LG Optimus tweaks bring the Thunder to life [from the forums]


This is quite impressive to see these numbers. I am guessing that battery life takes a hit with this performance, but how much of a hit is it taking?

Why are AC and others still fooled by Quadrant scores?

Quadrant has lost it's credibility as a benchmarking tool a long time ago.

I understand Quadrant isn't "THE" benchmark but it is still a benchmark. To see the improvements when a stock Optimus S scores in the mid-400 is what I was referring to.

Congratulations. You just compared a high end device to an entry level one. That's like saying a Ferrari smokes a tuned Honda Civic.

Cheap phone that manufacturer doesn't lock down > fancy phone that needs tricks and hoop-jumping to customize.

Compare the work here that two guys did, in their spare time, in just a week or so to the months of work, dedicated IRC channels, donation pools, and army of people it took to fix the G2.

Enjoy your G2, but why not let other folks enjoy their phones as well?

Does anyone know how to make quadrant display with the bars that break down how your device scored in each category?

if they could just make this rom for the motorola defy which is light years ahead of the optimus one it would be the cheap android phone to get.

It's simple. They simply enabled the Stagefright hack to make Quadrant think that it completed the h264(?) test in 0 seconds, therefore boosting scores by like double what they would normally get on this device.