Optimus G

We saw NTT Docomo dump out their upcoming holiday lineup just a few minutes ago, but they left this nugget out of the general press release -- the LG Optimus G will launch on the carrier, with a projected sales date of October 19.

This particular model will closely mimic the Asian model Phil and his esteemed cohorts had a look at in Seoul last week, with a slightly customized set of software features, high speed Xi-LTE, and a TV tuner for the ultimate in time-wasting. Under the hood is the same quad-core CPU and 2GB of RAM we're used to talking about, and the camera on the Docomo model will be of the 13MP variety.

It's apparent that LG is serious about a global push for the Optimus G, and that should make Android fans everywhere happy.

Source: LG Newsroom (Korea); More: NTT Docomo (Japan)


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The LG Optimus G launching on NTT Docomo; tentative launch date of Oct 19

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Optimus G was announced some time ago for an October release by DoCoMo... And it's water-resistant. What DoCoMo announced today was the "Optimus LIFE", whatever that is...

Not to mention the Fujitsu Arrows V (third in the LTE-enabled Arrows series), waterproof, one-seg, nfc, fingerprint reader, barometer/thermometer, HD screen, LTE, pedometer, and some pretty cool software features (yes they copied the smart-stay from samsung, and have a "shake-back" to reset the screen orientation when you lie down for example, also the alarm clock listening to your breathing patterns to figure out when exactly to wake you up around the time you set your alarm, and the list goes on....), AND a 2420 mAh battery.

Bit weary of Fujitsu though after my first Arrows phone with bad battery life and flaky software which is still at Gingerbread...