LG Optimus 3D Game Converter

LG has begun rolling out a new firmware version for the European Optimus 3D. The new update, which carries the version number V10K, is the first to become available with LG's 3D Game Converter software. This allows just about any regular Android game to be played in glorious stereoscopic 3D, provided it uses OpenGL graphics.

LG's in the process of compiling a list of officially-supported, 3D-convertible titles, however the link provided within the converter app isn't working just yet. We gave Angry Birds Rio a try, though, and the result was pretty good -- the 3D effect was on par with the native S3D games pre-loaded on the Optimus 3D, although there was a slight performance hit compared to 2D mode.

If a game isn't on LG's approved 3D list, you can still tap "menu" and select "customizable games" to try forcing 3D mode, though there's no guarantee this will actually work.

3D aside, our Optimus 3D seems a little snappier on the new V10K update, compared to the previous V10D firmware. Unfortunately this version is still based on Android 2.2.2 Froyo -- we're still waiting on the promised Gingerbread update for the Optimus 3D.

The update hasn't been pushed out over-the-air yet, but Optimus 3D owners whose handsets are part of the "Europe Open" region should be able to update using LG's PC utility. There's no word just yet on when this update will be hitting the Thrill 4G, the AT&T-flavored version of the Optimus 3D.

Source: XDA


Reader comments

LG Optimus 3D V10K firmware now available with 3D game converter


This is what I had hoped for with the Evo3d.

Glad LG is at least trying to further 3D development.

I gave up on my 3d and sold it for the EpicTouch, couldnt be happier. Someday I'll try 3D again.

Well, hopefully some awesome dev can get this ported over to the Evo 3D. I'd like to see some 3D Angry Birds action too.

The PC utility has never worked for me, so no idea how I will install the Gingerbread update when it arrives.

Sure, just pluck out one of your eyes and you will be able to see the world in glorious 2D and won't have to be bothered by 3D anymore ;)